Tropical Ecology and Conservation 2003 Seminar Schedule

These pre-trip seminars help set the stage for our field course. In other words, they are not simply a means for evaluation but serve the important role of providing you with a basic understanding of patterns of biodiversity, and outstanding issues in tropical ecology, evolution and conservation. For taxon specific seminars, do not simply list hyperdiverse groups - ask yourself what is unique about the group (and how is it different from other groups)?; why might particular temporal, spatial taxonomic patterns exist? Seminars will be 20 minutes (firm) followed by 10 minutes of questions. Seminars are Monday nights starting at 7:00 pm.




January 6th 2003

Latituidnal variation in biodiversity (why are there more species in the tropics?).

Wendell Challenger

Gap dynamics and diversity in the tropics (the importance and scale of disturbance and succession in maintaining biodiversity).

Salima Nurmohamed

The Great Faunal Exchange (Influence of the Panamanian Isthmus on faunal diversity or why are there armadillos in Texas?).

Ramsey Wright

13th January 2003

Tropical endemism (definition, patterns of variation,and ecological and evolutionary factors that result in geographically restricted taxa)

Lindsay Watson

Plant diversity in Costa Rica

Colleen Inglis

Insect diversity in Costa Rica.

Susitna Banerjee

Reptile and amphibian diversity in Costa Rica.

Joslynn Affleck

Bird diversity in Costa Rica

Katie Langin

20th January

Ecological interactions in the tropics (mutualisms, parasitism, what is co-evolution and has it occurred?).

Sarah Slater

Mammal diversity in Costa Rica.

Carla Rogers

Diversity and ecology of epiphytes.

Jill Hamilton

The loss of biodiversity in the tropics (estimates and quantification, patterns of variation, causes)

Andrew Esbaugh

Tropical deforestation (economics, patterns of variation, comparison with temperate regions, selective logging as an alternative to clear-cutting).

Amy Newman

27th January

Tropical agriculture (which major food plants are of tropical origin, what are the challenges and benefits of the tropics w.r.t. rates of production, problems as they relate to biodiversity).

Jeff Waller

Ethnobotany and biological prospecting in the tropics (uses and abuses of natural products, proprietary issues and conflicts, new programs and collaborations, what is the probability that new products will be discovered?).

Anne Dalziel

Alternative land management practices to conserve tropical diversity (e.g. shade coffee vs. traditional sun coffee).

Jonathan Sniderman

Ecotourism (what is it and can it be a viable alternative to economic activities that threaten biodiversity?).

Briar Howes


Sarah Yakimowski

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