Tropical Ecology and Conservation - Costa Rica

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Map of Costa Rica with planned locales for 2003 trip indicated by red squares.


1. San José
2. OTS La Selva Biology Station
3. Sierpe
4. Sirena Biological Station, Parque Nacional Corcovado
5. Cerro de La Muerte
6. OTS Palo Verde Biological Station


Tentative Itinerary for 2003 (February)

Click here for a list and schedule of pre-trip seminars.







Depart for Toronto -

Hotel stay


Toronto-San José (leaving 6:20 am arriving 10:40 am)

San José -La Selva Biological Station (Bus leaving at approx. 1:00 pm)


La Selva Biological Station


La Selva Biological Station


La Selva Biological Station


Depart for Sierpe (Bus leaving at 10:00 am)


Sierpe to La Sirena Biological Station (by boat)


La Sirena Biological Station


La Sirena Biological Station


La Sirena to Puerto Jimenez (by boat in the am)

Puerto Jimenez to Cerro de la Muerte (Bus leaving at 2:00 pm)

Night at Cerro de la Muerte Hotel Savegre de la Montaña


Cerro de la Muerte to Palo Verde Biological Station (Bus leaving at 11:00 am)

Night at Palo Verde


Palo Verde Biological Station


Palo Verde Biological Station


Palo Verde Biological Station


Palo Verde Biological Station -San Jose

(Bus leaving at 10:00 am)

In San José - night at Hotel Bienvenido


Bus to airport at 9:30 am) San José to Toronto (depart 11:40 am; arrive 7:00 pm)

Bus Toronto- Kingston


Below a sampling of images from the 2001 trip. 
Sierpe Sunrise. © Amy
Passion Flower. Corcovado Ntl Park. © Christie Whelan
Ctenosaur, Santa Rosa. © Brenda Saunders
Squirrel Monkey. Corcovado Ntl Park.© Brian
Ocelot, Corcovado Ntl Park. © Rachel Gardiner
Leptodactylus pentadactylus. © Chris Eckert
Volcán Arenal. © Lija Bickis
Monte Wood Digs, Monteverde. © Lija Bickis
Dry tropical forest, Santa Rosa. © Agnes Kliber
Capucins. © Brenda Saunders
Monteverde Skywalk © Amy MacDougall
Downtown San José. © Brenda Saunders
Chestnut-mandibled Toucan. © Mike Kasumovic
Heliconia. © Chris Eckert
Atlantic Slope, Moneteverde © Brenda Saunders

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