Seminar Topics of Argentina 2010

Seminar Topics:

Seminar presentations should be no more than 20 minutes (time strictly enforced) but be prepared to lead further discussion of approximately 5-10 minutes. Topics are being assigned now based on a randomized paricipant list. Many of the topics listed below are very broad, and you must work to winnow out the salient points of each. Thus, you may wish to introduce the topic in broad brush stokes, ensuring that the context of South American and partilcualrly Argentine, and then focus your talk on key points and concepts. You can prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Please be sure to prepare a one page, double-sided handout and bring copies with you

Date Topic Presenter
Tues. 26 Jan. Geology of western Argentina. Orogenesis, vulcanism & topography. Jayda
Sat. 30 Jan. Hydrology of western Argentina. Samantha
Thurs. 28 Jan. Phytogeography. Vegetation of nw. Argentina and the factors that shape them. Katie
Tues. 26 Jan. Trees: Diversity, Ecology and Origins. Jason
Tues. 26 Jan. Epiphytes: Diversity, Ecology and Origins. Chris
Thurs. 26 Jan. Freshwater fish of Argentina: Diversity, Ecology and Origins. Jacqueline
Thurs. 28 Jan.

Amphibians and reptiles: Diversity, Ecology and Origins.

Thurs. 28 Jan. Birds: Diversity, Ecology and Origins. Natasha
Thurs. 28 Jan. Mammals: Diversity, Ecology and Origins. Cory
Sat. 30 Jan. Cacti: Diversity, Ecology and Origins. Cameron
na Gap forest dynamics and their importance in maintaining diversity. TBA
Sat. 30 Jan. Latitudinal gradient - pattern, global generality and major hypotheses . Amanda
Tues. 2 Feb. Global climate change and its influence on species and habitat distributions, particularly montane. Kristina
Tues. 2 Feb. Patterns and origins of avian migration. Jamie
Sat. 30 Jan. Müllerian versus Batesian mimicry (causes and Neotropical examples). Surbhi
Sun. 31 Jan. Co-evolution: definition, diagnosis, and compelling tropical empirical examples. William
Sun. 31 Jan. Biodiversity hotspots, causes and importance in conservation; South American examples. Kayla
Tues. 2 Feb. Ecotourism and conservation. Benefits and points of concern. Hannah
Sun. 31 Jan. Feeding the World: Crops from the New World. Mark
Tues. 2 Feb. Aquatic contaminants and their impacts on wildlife and human health. Sonja
Sun. 31 Jan.
Climate change, glaciation and biogeography of the Southern Cone. Kat