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The Robertson Lab (Kristin's PhD dinner December 2015):

Front row (L to R): Shuang Qiu, Phinyaphat Srithiphaphirom. Brent Sinclair, Mel, Kristin Spong

Back row (L to R): Chengfeng Xiao, Hannah Grover, Darius Soo Lum, Justin Evans, Rebecca Mangulins, Kevin Cross

past personn

Mel Robertson, Professor of Biology, Physiology, and Psychology

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Phinyaphat Srithiphaphirom , PhD student - Neural mechanisms of chill coma in insects

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Past Personnel in the Robertson Lab (and current websites, if available)

Shuang Qiu PhD 2017 CNGL channel and hypoxia in Drosophila
Chengfeng Xiao PhD 2016 The white gene and locomotor recovery from anoxia in Drosophila
Kristin Spong PhD 2015 Spreading Depression in locust and Drosophila
Rebecca Mangulins MSc 2015 Starvation and AMPK in locust
Kevin Cross MSc 2015 Conduction reliability in the axon of the locust DCMD neuron

Esteban Rodríguez

MSc 2012; research assistant 2012-2013 Temperature and [K+]o homeostasis in the brain of D. melanogaster during repetitive anoxia
Michael Sproule MSc 2011 Hypoxia and axonal conduction in locust DCMD
Nick Hou MSc 2011 Heat shock and Na+/K+ ATPase in Locusta migratoria
Corinne Rodgers MSc 2007, PhD 2010 K+ homeostasis and SD in locusts
Gary Armstrong MSc 2005, PhD 2009, Postdoc 2009-2010 Octopamine and thermotolerance in locust; SD in Drosophila
Mehrnoush Dehghani MSc 2009 Locust heat shock response
Stuart McGregor MSc 2009 DCMD axonal conduction in the locust
Kelly Shoemaker Research Associate 2002-2007 Heat shock and locust
Namrata Joshi MSc 2007 HSP22, neural thermotolerance, Drosophila
Tomas Money MSc 2003, PhD 2006, PDF and RA, 2009-13 Heat shock and locust DCMD neuron
Chengfeng Xiao Postdoctoral Fellow, 2002-2006 HSP70, neural thermotolerance, Drosophila
Viara Mileva MSc, 2006 HSP26, neural thermotolerance, Drosophila
Correne De Carlo UG, 2005 Thermosensitivity of locust DCMD neuron
Kris Garlick UG, 2005 Cytoskeleton and locust ventilation
Markus Klose PhD, 2005 Calcium homeostasis, HS, Drosophila
Amy Newman UG, 2004 Thermotolerant desert Drosophila
Mike Anstey UG, 2003 Effects of HS on DCMD response to looming object
Wensheng Qin Technician, 1999-2004 Locust HSP70

Bernhard S. Wu

PhD, 2001 Environmental stress-induced thermoprotection of action potential signalling in Locusta migratoria
Jeff W. Barclay website PhD, 2001 Environmentally-induced thermoprotection of insect motor control in locust and drosophila
Jeff W. Dawson website PhD, 2001 Auditory sensorimotor integration during locust flight

Dr. Indrapal Singh

Research Associate, 2000-2001 Heat shock-induced neuronal apoptosis
Dr. Yang Wei Postdoctoral Fellow, 2000-2001 Potassium channel modulation by prior heat shock
Jessica K. Lee MSc, 2001 Potassium channel modulation by prior anoxia
Ken Dawson-Scully website MSc, 1998 Synaptic transmission and heat shock in locusts

Jack Gray website

PhD, 1995; Postdoctoral Associate, 1995-1997 Development of the forewing hinge stretch receptor in locusts ... Role of DCMD in locusts
Christine E. Gee MSc, 1993; PhD, 1997 Functional recovery of the locust flight sytem
Hongjian Xu PhD, 1997 Effects of temperature on locust flight neurons
Kelly Shoemaker MSc, 1997 Sensorimotor integration during locust flight
Amanda Johnson MSc, 1992 Collision avoidance during locust flight
Jane Foster website MSc, 1990 Effects of temperature on locust flight motor
Sabrina Wang MSc, 1988 Motor patterns underlying phonotaxis in crickets


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