Mikes dinner

Mike's MSc dinner 2011

From left to right: Tom Money, Geneviève Rochon-Terry, Mike Sproule, Kristin Spong, Mel

Corinne's PhD dinner 2010

From left: Mike Sproule, Jay, Kristin Spong, Gary Armstrong, Tom Money, Akrum, Kelly, Corinne Rodgers-Garlick, Kris Garlick, Esteban Rodríguez, Nick Hou

Stuart's MSc dinner 2009

From left: Mel, Kelly Shoemaker, Stuart McGregor, Tom Money, Corinne Rodgers


Mehrnoush's MSc dinner 2009

From left: Stuart McGregor, Kelly Shoemaker, Mehrnoush, Dehghani, Mel, Kelsey Witiuk, Alexander McIsaac, Corinne Rodgers

Burns Night 2008

From left: Bern Wu, Stuart McGregor, Jack Gray, Gary Armstrong, Mehrnoush Dehghani, Mel, Kelly Shoemaker, Ken Dawson-Scully, Corinne Rodgers, Kris Garlick

Viara's MSc dinner September 2006

From left - Corinne, Mehrnoush, Tomas, Hilary, Mel, Viara, Kelly

Lab BBQ August 2004

Back row: Tomas Money, Amy Newman, Bryce Thompson, Kelly Shoemaker, Viara Mileva

Front row: Kris Garlick, Markus Klose, RMR, Corinne Rodgers, Gary Armstrong

Absent: Chengfeng Xiao, Corenne DeCarlo, Krissi Baxter


Group shot in the barn August 2004

In the pool August 2004: Kris, Gary, Corinne, Markus, Alyssa, Tomas

Kris Garlick tests the electric fence, August 2004


Lab BBQ September 2003

Back row: Wensheng Qin, Mike Anstey, Gary Armstrong

Middle row: Kelly Shoemaker, Tomas Money, Chengfeng Xiao, Corinne Rodgers, David Chu

Front row: RMR, Amy Newman, Bryce Thompson

Neurosciences Miami 2000

From left: Kelly Shoemaker, Jeff Barclay, Jack Gray, Ken Dawson-Scully, Mel

Summer Barbecue 1996 (?)

From left: Jack and Jane Gray. Catriona, Mel, Fiona, Zoe, Bern Wu, Ken Dawson-Scully, Chris Gee, Jeff Barclay, Kelly Shoemaker, Jeff Dawson

Outside Biosciences 1996 (?)

Back row: Jeff Barclay, Jessica Lee, Ken Dawson-Scully, Mel, Jeff Dawson

Front row: Bern Wu, Jack Gray, Chris Gee, Kelly Shoemaker