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The underlying motivation of everybody in the lab is an interest in how nervous systems operate to allow animals to cope with the challenges of their environments. Our specific interests are varied but presently are focused on projects to understand how vital neural circuits cope with extreme temperatures or anoxia.
Projects use the African migratory locust, Locusta migratoria. The interest in locusts comes from the recognition that invertebrates, owing to their relatively simple nervous systems and robust behavioural repertoires, offer unique opportunities to address specific questions of neural operation. We use a variety of techniques to accomplish our goals including intra- and extracellular recording techniques, patch clamping, various neuroanatomical methods including 3D reconstruction, high speed cinematography and videography, and computer modeling. Go here to have a peek in the labs. Our research is currently funded by NSERC.

We are found in Kingston, Ontario, Canada on the campus of Queen's University. Our lab is located in the Biosciences Complex (Earl Hall) and has been operating here since 1988.