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Professor and Coordinator, Social Justice and Education Group
Fields of Study: Cultural Studies, Sociology of Education, Critical and Feminist Social Theory
Appointments: Faculty of Education and Dep't of Women's Studies
Contact: Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6
e-mail: Phone: 613-533-6000 ext. 77277

Magda Lewis completed her Ph.D. at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto. Since 1989, when she was appointed Queen's National Scholar at Queen's University, she has been teaching in the graduate and undergraduate programme at the Faculty of Education. She is Cross-Appointed to the Department of Women's Studies. Her research and teaching interests are in the areas of Cultural Studies, Feminist and Critical Social Theory, Qualitative Research Methods/Methodologies, Critical Pedagogy, Social Class, Race, Gender and Sexuality in Education/Schooling Contexts, and more recently, the commodification of knowledge, education and schooling on a global scale. Her research and teaching commitments are to making marginality visible and social transformation possible.

Her political interests are in the area of education for social justice, alternative approaches to teacher education, critical transformations of teaching and learning, and anti violence education. Her political commitments are to working for a world free of violence, environemental degredation, and social, political and economic discrimination. For thirty five years she has been active in both the academy and in schools and the larger community where she has worked in the areas of alternative schooling, peace/anti-nuclear education, anti-discriminatory education, and women's issues.

Magda has published widely. Her articles have appeared in a diverse range of journals such as the Harvard Education Review, the Queen's Quarterly, Qualitative Inquiry, and Theory Into Practice. Her book, Without a Word: Teaching Beyond Women's Silence (Routledge) has become a classic feminist text and is used in courses in both Education and Women's Studies programmes across North America and beyond. Recently she edited a special issues of the Journal for Curriculum Theorizing on the commodification of higher education.

Her commitments to collaborative research and inquiry have engaged her in a large Ontario Ministry of Education/Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities funded project on Violence in Educational Settings which she undertook with a collaborative team of university, community college, elementary and secondary school, and community colleagues. She was also instrumental, as chair of the collaborative team, in the successfully funded proposal for the Alternative Teacher Accreditation Programme for Teachers with International Experience at Queen's Unviersity. Other collaborations have included work with colleagues at the University of Havana and the University of Debrecen on women and development projects, the enhanced use of qualitative research methods, and higher education policy and practice in the global economization of knowledge.

Programme/teaching focus: Cultural and Policy Studies in Education is a Field of concentration in the graduate programme at the Faculty of Education. The courses Magda teaches in the MEd programme are Culture, Power and Knowledge: Looking to Possibility; Feminist Theories and Their Applications to Education; Media, Culture and Technology; and Critical Theories and Meaning in Culture, Curriculum and Cognition. She also teaches Qualitative Research Methodologies in Education from a critical perspective. In the PhD programme she teaches Issues in Cultural and Policy Studies, and Advanced Topics in Cultural and Policy Studies.

In the BEd programme Magda is committed to exploring alternative strategies aimed at supporting new teachers to engage teaching through equitable practices. Her work is focused on enhancing the learning of B.Ed. students who identify their special interest in teaching through an exploration of the relationship between teaching/schooling and the development in children of the impulse for social justice. In the undergraduate programme Magda co-teaches the Social Justice Module in the course, PROF 150/155 Concepts in Teaching and Learning. She also developed and taught FOUN 490, Social Class, Race and Gender in Education and FOCI 296, Teaching for Social Justice.





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