Below you will find a hopefully not too outdated list of sites that I originally made in 2002 that I felt would be useful to other economists. It is by no means complete and reflects my research interests. To make matters simple I have placed a list of contents below which should make your experience here easier. Please inform me of any broken links or sites that you believe I would find interesting. I also put some dated personal interest links at the very bottom

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Software packages: Freeware/Shareware

Software packages: Commercial

    • Amos, geared towards structural model estimation. A free student version is available.
    • AREMOS,  focuses on time series analysis and data management.
    • Autobox, mainly an implementation of ARMA-type forecasting techniques.
    • BMDP, a long-running series of general purpose statistical packages.
    • Crystal Ball, an EXCEL add-on for Monte Carlo simulation.
    • DataDesk, a relatively new Mac package that has gotten good reviews
    • Dataplore, a time series processor.
    • EQS, focuses on strucutural modelling.
    • EViews.  A nice windows based package. Useful for time series and GMM estimation. Popular in business schools probably since it is really easy to use.
    • EXPO, marketed as econometrics for traders (huh?).
    • GAMS solves a variety of complex optimization problems.
    • GAUSS, the classic matrix programming language used in econometrics. Many are switching away to Matlab.
    • GB-Stat, a general purpose statistical analysis package
    • GQOPT. Numerical optimization for FORTRAN users.
    • JMP, a graphics-rich package for exploratory analysis.
    • LIMDEP, for limited-dependent model estimation. Software manual is available on line
    • LISREL, for structural equation estimation. Popular with psychologists.
    • Macsyma, for symbolic algebra.
    • Maple, for symbolic algebra.
    • Mathematica, the industry-standard in symbolic algebra
    • MATLAB, one the of the big matrix programming languages
    • MATCOM, a commercial MATLAB to C++ translator.
    • MathCad, from the publishers of S-PLUS. A general purpose mathematical package.
    • Minitab, a general purpose statistical analysis package. Undergrads at Pitt are not too fond of this program.
    • Microfit, for time series analysis.
    • MODSTAT, an inexpensive general purpose package.
    • Multivariance, for analysis of variance.
    • NCSS, a general purpose statistical package.
    • PASS, for power analysis.
    • PC-GIVE, PC-FIML and PC-NAIVE, from the designer of Ox and David Hendry
    • RATS and CATS, both time-series oriented.
    • SAS, the hard-to-learn but powerful classic statistics package. Version 8.0 looks promising and is just being released
    • SHAZAM, widely used Canadian econometric software. Chetan Dave is a big fan.
    • SIMSTAT, a general purpose package with multimedia capabilities.
    • S-PLUS, a very flexible statistical programming language. Great for non parametric analysis.
    • The S-PLUS FAQ
    • Soritech, a new general purpose econometrics package
    • STAMP, for time series analysis.
    • STATISTICA, a general purpose statistical analysis package.
    • SPSS, very popular for use in applied statistics for social sciences.
    • Stata, one of the most popular econometrics packages. Easy to learn and it remains my favorite.
    • StatView, a general purpose statistical package.
    • SUDAAN, focuses on survey analysis.
    • SYSTAT, a popular general purpose statistical analysis package.
    • TSP, the classic time series analysis package. Great user support and the most trustworthy of all canned packages. Check out their examples section many of these programs are benchmarked.
    • UNISTAT, general purpose statistical analysis. Works as an EXCEL add-on.
    • WINKS, an entry-level statistical package
    • XTREMES, for the eanalysis of extreme data.

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