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2010-12 Antoine Hnain, M. Sc
    Thesis: The synthesis of elemental selenium particles by the cyanobacterium Synechoccus leopoliensis.
    Present Position: Ph.D. Student, Royal Military College of Canada

2008-10 Chad Edwards, M. Sc
    Thesis: The characterization of heavy metal biotransformation capabilities of photosynthetic microorganisms.
    Present Position: Scientific Officer, Dow Agrosciences

2007-09 Melanie Columbus, M. Sc
    Thesis: A comparison of the ability of two lines of hybrid populars (DN34 and NM1) to phytovolatilize 1,4-dioxane in laboratory and field settings.
    Present Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Western University

2007-10 Anthony Silva, M. Sc
    Thesis: Characterization of the potential use of Salix nigra and Populus balsamifera for the phytoremediation of 1,4-dioxane.
    Present Position: Orthopaedic Surgeon, Australia

2005-07 Maureen Edwards, M. Sc
    Thesis: Characterization of the potential of phytoremediation of 1,4-dioxane in the presence of the co-contaminant ethylene glycol.
    Present Position: Lawyer, Norton Rose Canada LLP, Toronto

2003-07 Marie Hetu, Ph. D.
    Thesis: Effect of nutritional status on phenotypic characteristics of Arabidopsis and alfalfa in relation to the expression of the protein kinase gene, AtSnRK2.9.
    Present Position: Research Associate, Queen's University

2003-05 Jennifer Gibson, M.Sc.
    Thesis: Quantifying waste excretion by Egyptian tilapia hybrid (Oreochromis niloticus) and nutrient uptake by hydroponically grown plant species to optimize an integrated aquaculture system.
    Present Position: Teacher

1995-99 Norman Ngorogi, Ph. D.
    Thesis: Physiological and genetic characterization of T-DNA insertion mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana that are tolerant to sald.
    Present Position: Senior Lecturer, University of Nairobi

1994-98 Kevin Gellatly, Ph. D.
    Thesis: Biochemical and molecular characterization of potato tuber acid phosphatase and other members of the plant acid phosphatase family.
    Present Position: Regulatory Affairs Manager, Monsanto Canda

1992-96 Ali Malboobi, Ph. D.
    Thesis: Identification of genes and DNA regulatory sequences involved in the plant response to phosphate starvation.
    Present Position: Professor

1991-94 Eileen Dent, M. Sc.
    Thesis: Isolation of a cytosolic tyrosine kinase gene from Nicotiana tabaccum.
    Present Position: Senior Planning Advisor, Health Canada

1988-91 Liette Vasseur, Ph. D.
    Thesis: Phenotypic plasticity and genetic variation in Lemna minor L.
    Present Position: Professor, Brock University

1988-91 Pamela Krannitz, Ph. D.
    Thesis: Association of genotypic differences with physiological traits that affect competitive ability in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Present Position: Biologist, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada

1987-91 Stephen Duff, Ph. D.
    Thesis: The role of acid phosphatases in the metabolic adaptations of plants to nutritional phosphate deprivation.
    Present Position: Senior Scientist and Associate Fellow, Monsanto, U.S.A.