Book Reviews

“Is there a Christian Pluralist Approach to Immigraton?”, Comment: Public theology for the common good, April 2018 (Review of Matthew Kaemingk's Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear).

"Connecting Domination Contracts", Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 41/3, 2018: 532-40 (part of review symposium on Charles Mills’ Black Rights/White Wrongs: The Critique of Racial Liberalism).

Review of Robert Garner and Siobhan O’Sullivan’s The Political Turn in Animal Ethics, Animal Studies Journal, Vol. 6/1 (2017): 175-81.

“Linking Animal Ethics and Animal Welfare Science", Animal Sentience, Vol. 1, issue 5, article 5 (2016), 1-4. [co-authored with Sue Donaldson]. (Review of Donald Broom, Sentience and Animal Welfare)

Review of Ric Knowles and Ingrid Mündel’s ‘Ethnic’, Multicultural and Intercultural Theatre, alt. theatre: cultural diversity and the stage, Vol. 8/4 (June 2011), pp. 35-38

"Review of Natasha Bakht Belonging and Banishment: Being Muslim in Canada", University of Toronto Quarterly, Vol. 79/1 (2010), pp. 372-4.

"Review of Maxwell Yalden’s Transforming Rights: Reflections from the Front Lines", Globe and Mail, November 20, 2009, p. F21.

"Review of Geoff Brahm Levey, Political Theory and Australian Multiculturalism", Journal of International Migration and Integration, Vol. 10/4 (2009): 477-8.

"Historic Settlements and New Challenges", Ethnicities Vol. 9/4 (2009): 546-552. (Review essay on Veit Bader’s Secularism or Democracy?.)

"Review of Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett’s The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better", in Globe and Mail, May 16, 2009, p. F12.

"Review of Paul Sniderman and Louk Hagendoorn’ When Ways of Life Collide: Multiculturalism and its Discontents" in Perspectives on Politics, Vol. 6/4 (2008), pp. 804-807.

"Review of Michael Adams' Unlikely Utopia, The Surprising Triumph of Canadian Pluralism" in Globe and Mail December 1, 2007, p. D22-23.

"Review of Thomas Homer-Dixon, The Upside of Down" in Globe and Mail, November 11, 2006, p. D8.

"Review of John Ralston Saul, The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World" in Globe and Mail, May 28, 2005, p. D3-4.

"Review of William Pfaff, The Bullet's Song: Romantic Violence and Utopia" in Globe and Mail, Jan. 1, 2004, page D5.

"Review of Ray Taras' Liberal and Illiberal Nationalisms" in Democratization, Vol. 10/3 (2003), pp. 199-201.

"Review of Jane Cowan et al (eds) Culture and Rights: Anthropological Perspectives" in Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 25/6 (2002), pp. 1096-7.

"Review of Ronald Dworkin's Sovereign Virtue" in Isuma: Canadian Journal of Policy Research, Vol. 2/1 (2001), pp. 133-36.

"Review of Alan Cairns' Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State" in National Post, June 10 2000, p. B12.

"Review of David Nettle and Suzanne Romaine's Vanishing Voices: The Extinction of the World's Languages" in National Post, July 29, 2000, p. B8.

"Review of Nathan Glazer's We Are All Multiculturalists Now" in Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, Vol. 19/2, (1998), pp. 165-7.

"Review of Austin Sarat and Thomas Kearns' Identities, Politics, and Rights" in Canadian Journal of Political Science, Vol. 30/1, (1997), pp 182-3.

"Review of Bernard Yack's Liberalism without Illusions: Essays on Liberal Theory and the Political Vision of Judith N. Shklar" in Ethics, Vol. 107/3, (1997), pp. 513-14.

"Review of Wayne Cornelius et al's Controlling Immigration: A Global Perspective" in Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 19/4 (1996), pp. 944-6.

"Review of Abraham Edel et al's Critique of Applied Ethics" in Hastings Center Report, Vol. 25/6, (1995), pp. 39-40.

"Review of Jeff Spinner's The Boundaries of Citizenship" in American Political Science Review, Vol. 89/2, (1995), pp. 491-2.

"Review of Yael Tamir's Liberal Nationalism" in Canadian Philosophical Reviews, Vol. 14/1, (1994), pp. 64-7.

"Review of Robert Booth Fowler's Dance with Community" in Political Studies, Vol. 61/4, (1993), pp. 721-2.

"Review of Allen Buchanan's Secession: The Morality of Political Divorce" in Political Theory, Vol. 20/3, (1992), pp. 527-32.

"Review of Seyla Benhabib and Fred Dallmayr's The Communicative Ethics Controversy" in Philosophical Books, Vol. 33/4, (1992), pp. 240-2.

"Review of Iris Marion Young's Justice and the Politics of Difference" in Canadian Philosophical Reviews, Vol. 11/6, (1991), pp. 441-5.

"Review of Michel Rosenfeld's Affirmative Action and Justice" in Canadian Journal of Political Science, Vol. 24/4, (1991), pp. 892-4.

"Review of C. Kukathas and P. Pettit's Rawls" in Ethics, Vol. 102/1, (1991), pp. 184-5.

"Review of Carole Pateman's The Sexual Contract" in Canadian Philosophical Reviews, Vol. 10/11, (1990), pp. 461-64.

"Review of Knud Haakonsen's Traditions of Liberalism" in Ethics, Vol. 100/3, (1990), p. 703.

"Review of Brian Crowley's The Self, the Individual, and the Community" in Philosophical Books, Vol. 29/4, (1988), pp. 242-4.

Review Essays

"Liberalism, Dialogue and Multiculturalism" in Ethnicities, Vol. 1/1 (2001), pp. 128-37. (A review essay on Bhikhu Parekh's Rethinking Multiculturalism).

"Theorizing Indigenous Rights" in University of Toronto Law Journal, Vol. 49, (1999), pp. 281-293. (Review essay on S. James Anaya's Indigenous Peoples in International Law).

"Cosmopolitanism, Nation-States and Minority Nationalism: A Critical Review of Recent Literature" in European Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 7/1 (1999), pp. 65-88. (co-authored with Christine Strahle) [Also published in Hungarian, Spanish and Chinese].

"The Paradox of Liberal Nationalism" in Literary Review of Canada, Vol. 4/10, November (1995), pp. 13-15 (Review essay on Joseph Carens ed. Is Quebec Nationalism Just?). Reprinted in Andrew Irvine and John Russell (eds.) In the Agora: The Public Face of Canadian Philosophy (University of Toronto Press, 2006), pp. 353-58. [Also published in Croatian]

"Misunderstanding Nationalism" in Dissent, Winter (1995), pp. 130-7. (Review essay of recent books on nationalism by Michael Ignatieff, William Pfaff, Liah Greenfeld, and Yael Tamir). Reprinted in Ronald Beiner (ed.) Theorizing Nationalism (SUNY Press, 1999), pp. 131-40. [Also published in Catalan and Croatian]

"Communitarians, Liberals and Superliberals" in Critical Review, Vol. 8/2, pp. 263-84, (1994) (Review essay on Roberto Unger's Politics).

"Rethinking the Family" in Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 20/1, (1991), pp. 77-97. (Review essay on Susan Moller Okin's Justice, Gender and the Family) Reprinted in Michael Freeman (ed.) Family, State and Law (Ashgate, Aldershot, 1999).

"The Ethics of Inarticulacy" in Inquiry, Vol. 34/2, (1991), pp. 155-82. (Review essay on Charles Taylor's Sources of the Self)

"Two Theories of Justice" in Inquiry, Vol. 33/1, (1990), pp. 99-119. (Review essay on Brian Barry's Theories of Justice)

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