Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter, No. 67, November 2013
Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy


1. Introduction

The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is organizing a multi-year research project on citizenship, democracy and minority rights in multiethnic states, under the direction of Prof. Will Kymlicka. As part of this project, the Forum distributes a newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the sixty-eighth issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working in the field, whether in academia, public service, or non-governmental organizations.

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2. Upcoming Conferences

The 7th Annual Conference on Cultural and Social Anthropology of East Asia is addressing the theme "Ethnic Groups, Ethnicity and Ethnic Policies in China", and will be held in Olomouc, Czech Republic from 31 Oct - 2 Nov 2013. The conference invites exploration of the many ways that ethnicity can be employed as a concept and politics or as a way of being or understanding. The conference is organized by the EU project CHINET, and hosted by the Department of Asian Studies, Palacky University in Olomouc. For more information, visit:

The Ruhr Universität Bochum (Germany) is organizing a symposium on "Futures of Indigeneity: Spatiality, Identity Politics and Belonging" on November 6-8, 2013. This workshop aims to address the theoretical, critical and radical aspects of indigeneity in relation to spatiality, identity politics and belonging, bringing together scholars from different disciplines, e.g. anthropology, sociology, political science, psychology, history and literary studies. It intends to engage critically in debates on indigeneity in its ideological trajectories to determine its theoretical and political destination. The organizers are Nasir Uddin Eva Gerharz, and Pradeep Chakkarath. For more details, visit:

The 15th Annual Symposium on Indigenous Research, organized by the Four Directions Aboriginal Centre at Queen's University (Kingston) will take place on November 9, 2013. Details and a program are posted on the Four Directions Centre website:

An event called ‘Democratic Deficits? Representation and Equality in Canadian Politics' will take place on November 20, 2013 at McGill University's Faculty of Law. Panels will explore issues related to fairness and representation in Canadian politics, including electoral boundaries commissions, and gender balance and ethno-cultural diversity in elected institutions. The keynote speaker will be Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Canada's former Chief Electoral Officer. Registration is free, but space is limited. Visit the following conference website for registration information:

Queen's University's Institute for Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) will host its annual ‘State of the Federation' event on ‘Aboriginal Multilevel Governance.' The conference will take place November 28-30, 2013, and will focus on the changing relationships between Aboriginal, federal, provincial and territorial governments in Canada. Questions such as the following will be analysed: What is changing, and how? Do existing governance arrangements in, for example, forestry or in the delivery of social services, create opportunities for real and substantive Aboriginal participation in decision-making? What are the main challenges in implementing multilevel models of Aboriginal governance? What are the implications of these arrangements for Aboriginal rights and political aspirations, as well as for Canadian federalism? For full details, visit the conference website:

The Second UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education will take place from December 2-4, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. This follows the Technical Consultation on Global Citizenship Education organized by UNESCO and held in Seoul on September 9-10. This event will continue the effort to explore the following questions: What is global citizenship education? Why should we support global citizenship and global citizenship education now? What needs to be done to support and promote global citizenship education? Details are available on the following website:

The 6th Al-Jami'ah Forum will be on the theme "On Plurality and Minority", to be held 6-8 December 2013 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Forum aims at gathering scholars, researchers, and observers of Islamic and Muslim societies who devote their studies to various current issues related to pluralism and minorities focusing on the current situation of the Muslim world. Promising papers, after the process of peer review, will be published by al-Jami'ah: Journal of Islamic Studies in the next year edition. For more information, visit:

The University of Toronto's "Annual Ethnic and Pluralism Studies Graduate Research Conference" will be held on January 30-31, 2014. Established in 2008 the Annual Graduate Research Conference has grown into the premier forum for graduate students in the field of ethnic studies to come and present their work. The main purpose of the conference is to provide graduate students with an opportunity to present their work in a professional yet convivial atmosphere in preparation for more formal settings. The keynote speaker will be Barrington Walker (Queen's University). Presentation topics can be in any area related to the mandate of the Ethnic and Pluralism Studies Program, including ethnic and race relations, international migration and immigration, cultural and linguistic communities, inter-group dynamics, nationalist movements, aboriginal affairs, and human rights. For more information, visit:, or contact:

The Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism at the European Academy of Bolzano/Bozen (EURAC), the Faculty of Law and the School of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Innsbruck announce their fifth annual Winter School on Federalism and Governance 2014. The 2014 edition will focus on "Federalism and Multilevel Constitutionalism, and will be held 3-14 February 2014. The first week (3-8 February) takes place at the University of Innsbruck, Austria; the second week (10-15 February) takes place at the European Academy Bolzano, Italy. The Winter School on Federalism and Governance is designed for participants from all nationalities who wish to deepen their knowledge on federalism and multilevel constitutionalism via an interdisciplinary and comparative approach. We welcome applications from doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate students, researchers, officials, employees of national/international organizations or NGOs, as well as interested citizens. To apply and for further information, please visit:

The Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Metropolis, Migration and Diaspora Studies at Carleton University and the Magna Fund for Russian Studies welcome proposals for a joint conference entitled ‘Post-Soviet Diasporas: Identities, Linkages and Transformations.' The conference will take place at Carleton University in Ottawa from March 20-21, 2014. The goal is to identify effects of the activities of post-Soviet diasporas in Europe, North America and other ‘host' states, and to reflect on economic, political, social and cultural relationships with their kin and homelands. For inquiries, contact the conference organizer Milana Nikolko by email:, or visit:

Wayne State University's Center for the Study of Citizenship will host its Eleventh Annual Citizenship Studies Conference from March 20- 22, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. Entitled ‘Place, (Dis)Place and Citizenship', topics will include: urban citizenship, local citizenship, migration, diasporic communities, transnational citizenship, patriotism, impacts of globalization, multiple citizenship, immigration policy, digital citizenship and the impact of the Internet. The event will include a keynote address by anthropologist James Holston of the University of California, Berkeley. For more information, contact: Marc W. Kruman ( or Helen Callow (, or visit:

The Ninth International Conference of the Asia Association for Global Studies (AAGS) at Shantou University will focus on the theme ‘Ethics in a Globalizing World.' The event will take place from March 22-23 2014 in Shantou, China. AAGS invites scholars from multiple fields and participants are encouraged to submit proposals on such themes as: cultural and religious perspectives, NGOs, rights and responsibilities, environmental issues, and historical perspectives. The deadline for abstract submission is November 30th. Proposals should be between 150 to 200 words and should include the paper title, author's name and affiliation and contact information. For further info, contact, or visit the conference website:

A graduate conference at Columbia University in New York will explore the topic ‘Questioning Spaces of Citizenship in Latin America and the Caribbean' on April 11-12, 2014. The conference will examine the dynamic, contingent, dialogic, and discursive nature of the state. Potential participants are encouraged to adopt an interdisciplinary perspective on the meaning of citizenship in Latin American nations. Conference topics may include: space, individuals, and the state; race, ethnicity, and class; and definitions and languages of citizenship. Submissions will be accepted until December 1 and notifications of acceptance will be returned by Dec. 20. For information, contact organizers by email:, and visit the conference website:

The 19th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) will take place in Columbia University's International Affairs Building from April 24-26 2014. This conference will feature over 140 panels organized in sections on: nationalism studies, migration and diasporas, the Balkans, Russia, the Ukraine & Belarus, Central Europe, Eurasia, Caucasus, and Turkey, Greece & Cyprus (among other panels). For more information, visit the ASN website:

The 7th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (CARFMS) will be on the theme "Coherence and Incoherence in Migration Management and Integration: Policies, Practices and Perspectives" on May 7-9, 2014 in Montreal. It is hosted by the Centre for Research in Public Law (CRPL), University of Montreal in collaboration with the Research Chair in Immigration, Ethnicity and Citizenship (RCIEC), University of Quebec at Montreal. The conference will bring together students, researchers, policymakers, displaced persons and advocates from diverse disciplinary and regional backgrounds with a view to better analyse and understand how contemporary migration and asylum policies, processes and structures have produced greater coherence and/or incoherence in the management of forced migration and integration. We invite participants from a wide range of perspectives to explore practical, social, legal, policy-oriented and theoretical questions of importance to the coherence of forced migration management. For more information, visit:

The University of Oregon is hosting a conference on "Alternative Sovereignties: Decolonization through Indigenous Vision and Struggle" on May 8-10, 2014. The concept of "sovereignty" as both an international political norm and expression of cultural distinctiveness and political autonomy is central to American Indian and First Nations discourse in the United States and Canada. Yet this language is often an imperfect reflection of the goals that tribal nations seek to pursue, suggesting rigid political and social boundaries around and within indigenous nations. This stands in stark contrast to political relationships based in tribal epistemologies that acknowledge social flexibility, interdependence, reciprocity and non-coercive, respectful relationships between and within national communities. This conference will explore both "alternative sovereignties" and "alternatives to sovereignty" that might better meet the political, cultural and social aspirations of American Indian and First Nations communities. Please send brief proposals of no more than 300 words to by December 1, 2013. Proposals from the broader Pacific Northwest and those dealing with issues relevant to Northwest indigenous communities are especially welcomed. For more information, vist:

The Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT) will host an international conference on "New frontiers for Citizenship at Work" at HEC Montréal (Canada), from May 12-14, 2014. This conference builds upon previous work on the theme of citizenship at work, notably the importance of migrant status, social reproduction, inequality, life cycle, and social location as part of a larger examination of citizenship as a platform for delivering entitlements and distributing risks relating to work. It will facilitate comparative analysis of existing public policies and implementation mechanisms in order to respond more effectively to contemporary normative concerns and risks associated with the new faces of work and employment and to promote organizational efficiency and worker well-being in the world of work. Deadline for submission of proposals: November 25, 2013. For more information, visit:

The Centre for Refugee Studies' "Summer Course on Refugee and Forced Migration Issues" is an internationally acclaimed seven-day, non-credit course for academic and field-based practitioners working in the area of forced migration. It serves as a hub for researchers, students, practitioners, service providers and policy makers to share information and ideas. The 2014 summer course will be held on May 12-18, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario. For more information, visit:

The Centre for Quebec and French-Canadian Studies will host a bilingual and interdisciplinary conference entitled ‘Indigeneity and French Canada' on May 16-17, 2014 at the Senate House, University of London, UK. Papers in English or French are invited on any relevant topic. Potential authors should submit a proposed title and 500-word summary prior to December 1, 2013. Further information is available at:

The Third Ruppin International Conference on Immigration and Social Integration will take place on May 19-20, 2014 at the Ruppin Academic Centre in Israel. The event will explore themes related to ‘Migration Trends over the Past Quarter Century'. The Institute for Immigration and Social Integration at the Ruppin Center, in co-operation with the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS), invites proposals for papers on a broad range of themes related to the current situation of migration in the world such as: immigration and policy issues; economic aspects of migration and integration; immigration and globalization; labor migrants; refugees and asylum seekers; public attitudes towards immigrants; immigrants and mass media; cultural aspects of immigration and integration; immigration and the third sector; and the impact of migration on both sending and receiving countries. Abstracts should be under 250 words, and should include the title, author's name and affiliation. Abstracts should be sent by email prior to November 30 to: For further information, visit: or contact conference organizers via email:

The Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace will host its inaugural conference from May 24-25, 2014 at Stockholm University. The event will be preceded by the Wallenberg Lecture on the Ethics of War and Peace to be delivered by Jeff McMahan at Stockholm University on May 23rd. Speakers at the conference will include Frances Kamm, Seth Lazar, Gustaf Arrhenius, Cheyney Ryan and Christopher Heath Wellman. Inquiries should be sent via email to: For information on how to participate in the inaugural lecture or the Centre's other activities, visit:

The Department of History Culture Civilization at the University of Bologna will be hosting a conference on "Dignity, Respect, and Self-respect: Ancient, Modern, and Contemporary Perspectives" on 26 – 27 May 2014. The conference is part of the FIRB Research Project "Feeding Respect". The ideas of respect and dignity have attracted an enormous amount of philosophical attention in recent years. These concepts have the power to promote a political praxis based on the recognition of the collective identities of oppressed, subordinated or marginal groups. So understood, respect and defense of human dignity can be envisaged not only as general guides to ethical practice, but also as two of the most forceful normative political principles to which liberal democratic institutions are committed in their attempt to negotiate different types of tensions inherent in political life. We invite proposals for papers that explore these concepts across a wide range of perspectives, including political, moral, legal philosophy and history of political thought. Please email a title and a 500-word description of your proposed paper, before 20 December, along with your academic affiliation and contact information to Carla Jemma ( Please direct conference inquiries to Dr Elena Irrera ( Keynote speakers are Colin Bird (University of Virginia) and Robin Dillon (Lehigh University). For more information, visit:

The WZB Berlin Social Science Center will be hosting a conference on "Causes and consequences of immigration and citizenship policies" on June 26- 27, 2014. Over the last decade, researchers have started to quantify admission, integration and naturalization policies and to build indices that aim at measuring the restrictiveness of formal regulations. The developments in the citizenship and immigration fields have however taken place mostly independently from each other. The aim of this conference is to bring together political scientists, sociologists, economists and others who work on policy indices in these two fields. Moving beyond descriptive comparisons and conceptual discussions, the second aim of the conference is to explore ways to analyse causes and consequences of immigration and citizenship policies. How can we explain differences across countries and changes across time? Are policies effective and do they influence naturalization or immigration rates and the integration of immigrants? From the WZB itself, Ruud Koopmans and his team will present their Indices of Citizenship Rights for Immigrants (ICRI), and Marc Helbling and his team will present their Immigration Policies in Comparison (IMPIC) Index. Other speakers include Thomas Janoski (University of Kentucky), Richard Johnston (University of British Columbia), David Leblang (University of Virginia), Margaret Peters (Yale University), Maarten Vink (Maastricht University/EUI), Sara Wallace Goodman (University of California, Irvine), Tom K. Wong (University of California, San Diego). If you would like to present your ongoing research at this conference, please send a short abstract before January 31, 2014 to In case of successful application, the WZB will cover travel expenses and accommodation in Berlin. For more information, visit:

The Thirty-First International Social Philosophy Conference of the North American Society for Social Philosophy (NASSP) will take place from July 17-19 2014, at Southern Oregon University in Ashland Oregon. Proposals in all areas of social philosophy are welcome, but special attention will be devoted to the theme of ‘Power, Protest, and the Future of Democracy.' Potential paper presenters should submit a 300-500 word abstract to the conference submission website located at this website: The submission deadline for those living in Canada and the US is March 15, and the deadline for others is January 15. The program committee (Mark Navin (Chair), Elizabeth Sperry, and Peter Higgins) can be contacted by email at:

The International Political Science Association (ISPA) will host its 23rd World Congress in Montreal QC from July 19th-24th, 2014. Several conference panels may be of interest to CDED readers, including panels on ‘Minority Representation as a Challenge to the Nation-State Model,' ‘Territorial Identities and Substate Nationalism,' and ‘Immigration at the Subnational Scale.' Information on conference registration is available on the ISPA World Congress website:

The Third Biennial Kwame Nkrumah International Conference (KNIC3) will be held from August 21-23, 2014 on the theme ‘Re-Engaging African Diasporas: Pan-Africanism in the Age of Globalization.' The event will be hosted by the Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver, BC and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), in Kumasi, Ghana. For details, visit or contact: Charles Quist-Adade,

3. Reccent Publications

Books (prices in Canadian Dollars)

Journal Special Issues

A special issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies focuses on the theme Rethinking Race, Racism, Identity, and Ideology in Latin America (Vol. 36, No. 10, 2013). Papers by Tanya Golash-Boza and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Chinyere Osuji, Elizabeth Hirdge-Freeman, Tiffany D. Joseph, Tianna Paschel and Jennifer Anne Meri Jones are included.

Another recent special issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies focuses on ‘Race Critical Public Scholarship' (Vol. 36, No. 9, 2013). An introductory article by Gargi Bhattacharyya and Karim Murji preceeds essays by Michael Keith, Philomena Essed, Gargi Bhattacharyya, Carlos Sandoval-Garcia, Max Farrar and Steve Garner and Eric Fassin.

The journal Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education has a recent special issue on the theme ‘The Edge of Race: Critical Examinations of Education and Race/Racism' (Vol. 34, No. 4, October 2013). A lead editorial by Kalervo N. Gulson, Zeus Leonardo and David Gillborn precedes articles by David Gillborn, Nicola Rollock, Sofia A. Villenas and Sophia L. Angeles, Michael J. Dumas, Alice Bradbury, David Stovall and Roland Sintos Coloma.

A special issue of Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power is on ‘Ethnography, Diversity and Urban Space' (Vol. 20, Issue 4, 2013). Essays written by Ben Gidley, Camille Schmoll & Giovanni Semi, Alex Rhys-Taylor, Susanne Wessendorf, Ben Rogaly & Kaveri Qureshi, Ole Jensen, Lars Meier and Karen Fog Olwig explore a series of connected issues concerning multiculturalism, diversity, citizenship and urban geography and politics.

A recent special issue of the Journal of Language and Politics is dedicated to ‘Discourse and Politics of Migration in Italy: The Production and Reproduction of Ethnic Dominance and Exclusion' (Vol. 12, No. 2, 2013). Articles by Monica Colombo, John Richardson, Fabio Quassoli, and Roberta Marzorati are included.

A recent issue of the Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (JEMIE) contains a special focus on Non-Territorial Autonomy (Vol. 12, No. 1, 2013). Contributions by Federica Prina, Alexander Osipov, David J. Smith, Mabel Wong, and Giovanni M. Quer are included.

A recent issue of Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies (Vol. 8/2, 2013) is on the theme "The Politics of Indigeneity in Bolivia".

4. New Journals and Call for Papers

The International Journal of Migration and Border Studies (IJMBS) is accepting papers for its inaugural issue. This new academic journal will bring together scholars and practitioners to advance knowledge and practice related to migration and borders studies. Articles covering a large spectrum of topics addressing the development of international, transnational and national immigration policies viewed in a broad sense are welcome. What could be the best practices regarding inclusion? Which measures have exclusionary effects? Submissions from both emerging and established scholars are invited, including graduate students, post-graduates, professors and practitioners. All papers are to be submitted online, and information on the deadline and specs can be found on this file:

Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice is welcoming essays for an upcoming special symposium on ‘Migrants and Cultures of Hospitality' (Issue 26, No. 2). The editor for the symposium will be Lois Ann Lorentzen. This thematic issue will focus on how undocumented migrants often experience situations where even basic human rights seem inapplicable. The editor is particularly interested in essays that address the socio-historical conditions for the practice of hospitality; theories of hospitality; case studies of hospitality to migrants and their families in countries of origin, transit, and destination. A wide variety of approaches to the subject will be considered. Potential contributors should submit essays of 2500-3500 words including short bios to Peace Review prior to January 15, 2014. Questions and inquiries should be sent directly to Lois Lorentzen (Email: and completed essays should be sent via email to Robert Elias (Editor in Chief) and Erika Myszynski (Managing Editor) of Peace Review at the following email address:

The open access journal Social Inclusion has announced an upcoming special issue entitled ‘Policing Ethnicity: Between the Rhetoric of Inclusion and the Practices and Policies of Exclusion.' The notion of ‘policing' will be defined in terms of all those activities involved in the provision of security and/or maintenance of order. Articles will explore policing as a method of social control, governance, inclusion and exclusion and how the rhetoric of inclusion is often at odds with the practices and policies of exclusion and control. Information on this special issue is found online at: Guest editors are Abby Peterson (Email: and Malin Åkerström (Email:

Edward Cavanagh and Lorenzo Veracini, who established the Settler Colonial Studies blog, have issued a call for papers for an edited collection on "settler colonialism in world history", to be published by Routledge in 2015. The collection has a large scope, and features contributions by specialists in their field. Please send an expression of interest with CV jointly to Edward Cavanagh ( and Lorenzo Veracini ( For more information, visit:

5. Other Projects

The Institute for Minority Rights of the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano is looking for a Post-doctoral researcher in the field of Minority Rights and the European Union, or Minority Rights and Ethnopolitics. For further information, visit:

A new book series published by Lexington Press is called Philosophy and Cultural Identity. The series will provide philosophical treatments of interrelated concepts as cultural identity, cultural memory, cultural membership, cultural obligations, cross cultural experience, personal identity, single and multiple identities, and cosmopolitanism. The series aims to attract single-authored monographs, collections, and dialogues. Interested authors should submit their manuscript(s) for consideration by Lexington Books and no other presses; should include a prospectus and detailed table of contents, one or two sample chapters, and a C.V. Proposals for a contributed volume should include the proposed title, authors' affiliations, and brief resumes for each contributor.

Entire manuscripts should not be sent for initial consideration as an acquisitions editor will contact authors to request additional materials. All prospectuses should include: a description of the book uniqueness and the author's qualifications; a description of the target audience; analysis of competing books already on the market; a list of possible courses where the book might be used; the names of four-seven prominent experts in the field with no personal or professional relationship; and an indication of whether the manuscript is under consideration elsewhere. For further inquiries, contact Michael Krausz (Email: and Andreea Ritivoi (Email:

Another new book series has been established by Routledge entitled "Religion, Society and Government in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet States". This Series seeks to publish high quality monographs and edited volumes on religion, society and government in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet states by focusing primarily on three main themes: the history of churches and religions (including but not exclusively Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism) in relation to governing structures, social groupings and political power; the impact of intellectual ideas on religious structures and values; and the role of religions and faith-based communities in fostering national identities from the nineteenth century until today. The Series aims to advance the latest research on these themes by exploring the multi-facets of religious mobilisation at local, national and supranational levels. It particularly welcomes studies which offer an interdisciplinary approach by drawing on the fields of history, politics, international relations, religious studies, theology, law, sociology, and anthropology. More details are available at Book proposals should be sent to the general editor, Lucian Leustean (

7. Internet Resourcers

The H-Nationalism web resource assembles a newsletter twice each year to assist nationalism scholars in staying abreast of new research on this broad and dynamic area of study. A quick and convenient form found at the URL below can be used to add new relevant publications to the newsletter. Scholars need not be members of H-Nationalism to utilize the form, and published scholarship written in languages other than English is more than welcome.


If you would like to announce a new research project, publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of this newsletter, please contact us at, or you can write to the Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy, Department of Philosophy, Queen's University, Watson Hall 313, Kingston Ontario K7L 3N6, Canada. Fax: 613-533-6545.

Special thanks to Michael Kocsis for research help, and to Lise Charlebois for help with the distribution of the newsletter.

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