Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter, No. 64, January 2013
Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy


1. Introduction

The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is organizing a multi-year, research project on citizenship, democracy and minority rights in multiethnic states, under the direction of Prof. Will Kymlicka. As part of this project, the Forum distributes a newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the sixty-fourth issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working in the field, whether in academia, public service, or non-governmental organizations.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this newsletter, please contact us at Back-issues of the newsletter are posted on the Web on Will Kymlicka's home-page:

2. Upcoming Conferences

A conference on "Muslim Participation in Contemporary Governance" will take place at the Bishopsgate Institute, East London, UK on 31 January 2013. Speakers include Professor Tariq Modood (Bristol University), Humera Khan (An-Nisa Society), and Dilwar Hussain (Islamic Society of Britain). This workshop will bring together academic contributors from Britain and across Europe to discuss Muslim participation in forms of contemporary governance. The discussion will be followed by a public Report Launch Event in the evening, featuring a research presentation from the AHRC/ESRC project Muslim Participation in Contemporary Governance. For details on the Muslim Participation in Contemporary Governance (MPCG) project, please visit:

The 5th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC): "Promoting Responsible Leadership in Diversity and Dialogue" will be held on February 27 and 28, 2013 in Vienna, Austria. The forum will provide participants with a unique global platform for constructive and result-oriented dialogue to share best practices and to develop joint initiatives and new partnerships. It will bring together political leaders, representatives of international and regional bodies, the private sector, civil society groups, youth, arts, and the media as well as donor agencies and foundations to explore new ways of promoting cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. For more information, see

The American Graduate School in Paris is holding its 8th Annual AGS Graduate Student Conference on the theme "Identity and Gender Politics within International Relations", in Paris, France on April 18-19, 2013. The aim of the conference is to analyze the impact of identity and gender within the social and cultural framework of International Relations. Commonalities and intersections between these areas, as well as their impact on interstate and state governance, international conflict, and public awareness should be a main concern of conference contributors. For more information about the conference, visit

The Social Science Research Center (WZB) in Berlin is organizing a conference on "Ethnic Diversity and Social Capital: Mechanisms, Conditions and Causality" on May 24-25, 2013. The debate on trust, cooperation, and civic engagement in ethnically diverse communities has proliferated rapidly over the last decade. Dozens of studies have been conducted, covering a variety of countries and levels of analysis, across a range of indicators of social capital, and using divergent operationalizations of diversity. The outcomes of these studies have been almost as varied as their research designs. The time has come to draw up the balance, in order to identify both what we have learned, and what has remained unresolved. In doing so, we want to move beyond the inconclusive discussion of the mere absence or presence of correlations between diversity and social capital. More can be gained by focusing on the causal mechanisms linking the two, and on moderating factors that point towards conditional effects of diversity. In order to achieve this aim, we want to bring together leading scholars who carry out cutting-edge research on the mechanisms and conditions of diversity effects. For this event, we invite about 20 scholars from several disciplines to present new and unpublished studies on the linkages between ethnic diversity and social capital. If you would like to present your ongoing research on the mechanisms and conditions of diversity effects, please submit your proposal before February 17, 2013 at The confirmed list of speakers includes: Dietlind Stolle, McGill University and Miles Hewstone, University of Oxford (keynote speakers); Peter Thisted Dinesen, University of Copenhagen; Frank Kalter, University of Mannheim; Karen Schönwälder, Sören Petermann and Jörg Hüttermann, MPIMMG Göttingen; Eric M. Uslaner, University of Maryland; Susanne Veit, WZB. Conference organizers are Ruud Koopmans, Bram Lancee and Merlin Schaeffer (WZB).

The theme of the annual Matchpoints seminar at the University of Aarhus will be "Culture of Politics, Economics and International Relations", to be held on May 23-25, 2013 at Aarhus, Denmark. The theme has been inspired by two sources: Robert Putnam’s research in social capital and institutions and Jan-Erik Lane and Uwe Wagschal’s recent book Culture and Politics. Invited speakers, in addition to Putnam, Lane and Wagschal, include Pippa Norris, John Hall, Ronald Inglehart, Ole Weaver, John Hutchinson, Will Kymlicka, Ove Pederson, Georg Sorenson, Frederik Stjernfelt, Antje Gimmler, and Ole Waever. The conference will focus on the role of culture in contemporary politics, political science and International Relations and, more broadly, discuss the methods by which the significance of culture for politics and society may be studied. Paper proposals are welcome on the following subjects: (1) social capital, democracy and state cohesion; (2) cultural diversity and the politics of recognition; (3) value-oriented politics; (4) religion and politics; (5) methodology and emerging research avenues and opportunities. Deadline for proposals is February 1, 2013. For more information, visit

The Center of Excellence on "Cultural Foundations of Social Integration" at the University of Konstanz is organizing a conference on "Accommodation Policies & Territorial Dynamics in Multilevel States" to take place on June 13-15 2013 in Konstanz, Germany. The aim of this conference is to shed light on fundamental questions about how to accommodate cultural diversity and to compare policies of diversity management in different contexts. For a call for papers with a deadline of January 31st 2013, see

The Department of Philosophy at Fatih University, Istanbul is hosting a conference on "Pluralism and Conflict: Distributive Justice beyond Rawls and Consensus" on June 6–8 2013. The convenors are Prof. Dr. Manuel Andreas Knoll (, Nurdane Simsek (, Department of Philosophy, Fatih University. For more details about the conference theme, and the call for papers, visit:

A workshop on "Theorizing 'the Local Turn' in Immigrant Policies: A Multi-level Approach" will be held at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona on 20 September 2013. They invite workshop contributions to address the normative framework of a theory of local turn, taking into account the different approaches of local governance in various European states. For more information, you can check GRITIM's web for further information:

The Network for Migration and Culture is organizing a conference entitled "Crossroads: Europe, Migration and Culture" on October 24-25 2013 at the University of Copenhagen. The emphasis is on the aesthetic expressions of the migrant experience as such as well as on the consequences of migration for European cultures and identities at large. While contributions may take their cue from sociological and anthropological research, the focus of the conference is distinctly cultural and aesthetic. Not only because these aspects seem to be somewhat under-investigated, but also because cultural artefacts have the potential to make visible what is otherwise largely hidden, even to thorough sociological analyses – aspects such as emotions, attitudes, hope, resentment, longing, etc. We invite both theoretical contributions and analytical papers addressing singular or comparative case studies of the cultural and aesthetic dimensions of migration to and within Europe For more information, and the call for papers, visit:

3. Reccent Publications


Journal Special Issues

Volume 16/8 (2012) of Citizenship Studies is a special issue on "Secularism and Citizenship Beyond the North-Atlantic World", with articles by Humeira Iqtidar, David Lehmann, Derek R. Peterson, Philippa Williams, Alejandro Frigerio, Myengkyo Seo, and Bryan S. Turner.

Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy has published a special issue (Volume 15/5, 2012) on "Global Political Justice", with papers by Terry Macdonald, Miriam Ronzoni, Barbara Buckinx, Andrew Hurrell, Laura Valentini,Patti Tamara Lenard, Paul Muldoon, Avia Pasternak, Jonathan Pickering, and Christian Barry.

A special issue of Global Society (Volume 27/1, 2013) on "Cosmopolitanism and Global Citizenship", includes papers by Catherine Goetze, Theresa Scavenius, Andrea Schlenker, Heike Brabandt, Steffen Mau, and Sofia Laine.

A special issue of Res Publica (Vol. 18/1, 2012) is on "Theory and Practice in the Politics of Recognition and Misrecognition", guest-edited by Wendy Martineau, Nasar Meer and Simon Thompson. The same editorial team has also guest-edited a special issue of Ethnicities (Vol. 12/2, 2012) on Misrecognition and Ethno-Religious Diversity, with essays by the editors as well as by Michel Seymour, Sune Lagaard, and Meital Pinto.

A recent issue of Ethnopolitics (Vol. 11/4, 2012) is on the theme "International Intervention in Ethnic Conflict", guest-edited by Etain Tannam, with essays by Tannam, Oliver Richmond, Annemarie Rodt, James Ker-Lindsay, Iosif Kovras and Neophytos Loizides, Adrian Guelke, Katy Hayward and Mary Murphy.

4. Related Research Projects

A new journal entitled Migration and Development has been launched, and invites contributions. For more information, and to read the first issue for free, visit:

A new online Open Access journal entitled “Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society” has been established. Its first issue is now available, and it welcomes submissions for its second and subsequent issues. For more information, visit:

Philosophy and Public Issues is issuing a call for papers for a symposium issue on "Territory, Belonging: secession, self-determination and territorial rights in the age of identity politics". This issue will include a discussion of Neera Chandhoke’s "Contested Secessions. Rights, Self-determination, Democracy and Kashmir" (OUP 2012) and is guest edited by Valentina Gentile. The submission deadlines are November 15th for a long Abstract (1,000 words max) and March 15th 2013 for the full paper (10,000 words max, upon acceptance). For more information, contact Valentina Gentile (, or PPI’s Editors at ( More information on the Philosophy and Public Issues can be found at

The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity (Department for Socio-Cultural Diversity) in Gottingen, Germany is seeking to appoint a number of young researchers, including (1) up to four researchers at the doctoral and postdoctoral level working on issues of social interactions in contexts of diversity; organisations, institutions and diversity (including cities or NGOs); or superdiversity and its consequences. Initial contracts will be for two years and are renewable to up to 4 years (for PhDs) and up to six years (for postdoctoral fellows); (2) two one-year postdoctoral researchers, for fellowships beginning on 1 September or 1 October 2013. Applications should be sent to: Frau C. Albern, Max-Planck-Institut zur Erforschung multireligiöser und multiethnischer Gesellschaften, Hermann-Föge-Weg 11, D-37073 Göttingen (per post), or electronically to For further details about the positions contact Prof. Dr. Karen Schönwälder at Also see the Institute’s website at

The American Political Science Association has just formed a new section on "Migration and Citizenship", which is welcoming new members. The purpose of this Section is to bring together political scientists working on issues of migration and citizenship, to promote teaching and research in the field, and to encourage communication among political scientists and scholars of migration and citizenship in related disciplines, including policy and other professionals, domestically and internationally. For more information, visit:

The Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism (CESEM) at the University of Copenhagen closed at the end of 2012, to be replaced with the new Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS), opening in March 2013. CESEM director Nils Holtug will be taking up the post as director of AMIS. AMIS will be an interdisciplinary forum for migration research, combining a number of different approaches, including social science, philosophy, history, ethnology, linguistics and the arts. It will aim to stimulate and facilitate cooperation amongst the more than 130 researchers at the Faculty of the Humanities working on issues of migration; provide a forum in which research projects and papers can be developed, discussed and improved; stimulate national and international research cooperation on migration; host talks, seminars and conferences; and address issues of immigration and integration for which there is considerable societal interest. Information regarding research activities and open seminars will be available at the webpage:

5. Summer Schools and Courses

The Central European University in Budapest is hosting an international summer course on "The Politics of Citizenship", to be held July 8-19, 2013. The course is appropriate for graduate students and junior researchers and faculty preferably in humanities specializing in History, International relations, Political science, Political theory, Nationalism studies. For more detailed course information, see:

The fifth annual Summer Institute of Civic Studies will meet July 8-18 2013 at the Tufts University campus in Medford MA. It is organized by Peter Levine (Tisch College), and Karol Soltan (University of Maryland) and features guest seminars by distinguished colleagues from various institutions. The seminar will ask questions such as: What kinds of citizens (if any) do good regimes need? What should such citizens know, believe, and do? What practices and institutional structures promote the right kinds of citizenship? What ought to be the relationships among empirical evidence, ethics, and strategy? For more information, see

The Center of Study and Investigation for Global Dialogues (Barcelona, Spain) is holding its annual summer school on "Decolonizing Knowledge and Power: Postcolonial studies, Decolonial Horizons" in Barcelona, Spain on July 8th-18th, 2013. For more information, see Application Deadline: February 1, 2013.

This year the European Centre for Minority Issues will host its 3rd annual summer school on "National Minorities and Border Regions", to be held 19-29 August 2013 in Flensburg, Germany. The Summer School is an intensive two-week programme of postgraduate-level study in national minorities and border regions studies, and aims to set out the conceptual and normative approaches to the study of national minorities in border regions and to explore their different applications in relation to current arrangements across Europe. By the end of the summer school, the students will be able to critically evaluate the successes and failures regarding the accommodation of national minority groups in the border regions of the European states. ECMI invites applications from junior scholars and practitioners from all over the world. For more information, visit

This year the European Centre for Minority Issues will host its 3rd annual summer school on "National Minorities and Border Regions", to be held 19-29 August 2013 in Flensburg, Germany. The Summer School is an intensive two-week programme of postgraduate-level study in national minorities and border regions studies, and aims to set out the conceptual and normative approaches to the study of national minorities in border regions and to explore their different applications in relation to current arrangements across Europe. By the end of the summer school, the students will be able to critically evaluate the successes and failures regarding the accommodation of national minority groups in the border regions of the European states. ECMI invites applications from junior scholars and practitioners from all over the world. For more information, visit

6. Internet Resourcers

There is a comprehensive online searchable Spanish-language database on "Indigenous Political Organisations and Ethnic Conflict in the Americas". It combines two distinct databases: Indigenous Organizations of Latin America (ORGINDAL *) and ethnic conflict and nationalism in the Americas (CETNA *). The project is founded and directed by Prof. Natividad Gutierrez Chong at UNAM. It can be accesed at:


If you would like to announce a new research project, publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of this newsletter, please contact us at, or you can write to the Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy, Department of Philosophy, Queen's University, Watson Hall 313, Kingston Ontario K7L 3N6, Canada. Fax: 613-533-6545.

Special thanks to Octavian Busuioc for research help, and to Lise Charlebois for help with the distribution of the newsletter.

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