Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter, No. 61, February 2012
Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy


1. Introduction

The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is organizing a multi-year, research project on citizenship, democracy and minority rights in multiethnic states, under the direction of Prof. Will Kymlicka. As part of this project, the Forum distributes a newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of which this is the sixty-first issue. We hope that it will be of interest to anyone working in the field, whether in academia, public service, or non-governmental organizations

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2. Upcoming Conferences

The 14th National Metropolis Conference will be on the theme of "Future Immigration Policies: Challenges and Opportunities for Canada", to be held at the Westin Habour Castle in downtown Toronto from February 29 to March 3, 2012. Registration is available online at An updated conference program is available at

A conference on "Indigeneity and the University: Activism, Scholarship and Pedagogy" will be held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada on March 8, 2012, organized by the McMaster Indigenous Graduate Students (MIGS). The aim of this conference is to engage with current, ongoing and cross-institutional efforts to "Indigenize the Academy", more specifically, to provide a platform for students working on Indigenous-related projects across disciplines, to present and discuss that work with their undergraduate and graduate peers. For more information, visit

The 22nd Annual conference of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN) will be on the theme of "Nationalism, Ethnicity and Boundaries", and will take place from 27-29 March, 2012 at the London School of Economics. Confirmed keynote speakers include Rogers Brubaker, Miguel Centeno, Mary Fulbrook, Richard Jenkins, Michele Lamont and Wendy Pullan. There will also be workshops with Jon Fox, Michael Banton, Liam O'Dowd, James Anderson and Jennifer Todd. For more information see:

A conference on "Transitional Justice: A Paradigm of Justice for Democratic Transitions?" is taking place March 09 - 10, 2012 at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, France. For details, visit

The Club de Madrid is co-organizing a workshop on "Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support More Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability? Challenges and opportunities in an interdependent world", which will take place in Maastricht on 29-30 March 2012, in collaboration with the Maastricht School of Management (MsM). The two day workshop will review and consolidate the current state of knowledge on the impact of shared societies on economic performance and advance understanding of the underlying dynamics of that relationship. This is part of the Club de Madrid's project on "Shared Societies", which aims to "build a world safe for difference", and which contains many resources for the managing of diversity. For more information, visit , and the Shared Societies website:

The annual meeting of the National Association for Ethnic Studies will be on the theme of "Ethnic Studies Here, Ethnic Studies There: Educating for Glocal Realities", on April 5-7, 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana. For more information about the conference and NAES, visit:

The Canadian Studies Centre of the University of Holguin (Cuba), in collaboration with the University of Western Ontario, is hosting the 6th International Seminar on Canadian Studies on the theme of "Canada: Society and Identity, managing diversity" on April 25-27, 2012. The Organizing Committee invites proposals of no more than 250 words for a paper, panel, workshop, or poster on one of the following themes: Identity & Social Issues; Managing Diversity; Literature and the Arts; Language & Linguistics; Environmental Studies; History, Economy, & Politics; and Contemporary Canadian Issues. More information can be found at the following link:

A conference on "Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approaches to Ethnic Conflict: An International Symposium" will take place 5-6 May 2012 at Sabanci University Karakoy in Istanbul. This interdisciplinary conference is dedicated to furthering understanding of the debates around the causes of ethnic violence, the impact of ethnic tensions and violence on different groups, and the challenges of regulating ethnic conflict on both a global and local scale. Papers will be presentend on a wide range of themes: Ethnicity, Migration and the Diaspora; Ethnicity, Media and Violence; Ethnicity and Civil War; Ethnicity, Conflict and Religion; Ethnicity, Violence and Gender; Ethnic Conflict, Reconciliation and Democratization; International Regulation of Ethnic Conflict. For more information, contact, or visit:

A conference on "Living together in diversity: National societies in the multicultural age" is being hosted at the Central European University, Budapest, 21-22 May 2012. It aims to explore how living together in diversity is imagined, narrated, organized, justified, and practiced within contemporary national societies. By stressing "in" rather than "with" diversity the organizers want to move away from reifying the dominant "majority" society perspective, which assumes diversity as something "carried" solely by immigrants and something that the "native" society has to cope with. Regionally, the conference will focus on Europe, but contributions discussing other geographical contexts are also welcomed. For more information, contanct Tatiana Matejskova (, or visit:

The Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration at Pompeu Fabra University (GRITIM-UPF), in collaboration with IMISCOE, is hosting a Seminar on "Democratic Representation and Diversity in Migration Societies", to be held in the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona on 25th June 2012. The organizers invite workshop contributions that address the normative framework of a theory of diverse representation, taking into account the different approaches to citizenship, political inclusion and representation in various European states. Proposals should be sent by 30th March 2012 specifying “GRITIM-UPF/IMISCOE SEMINAR 2012” as the subject title. For further information, please visit:

The 8th Annual Conference of the Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism (CRONEM) at University of Surrey will be held on 26-27 June 2012 on the theme "The Future of Multiculturalism: Structures, Integration Policies and Practices" at the University of Surrey. This will be an international multidisciplinary conference organized jointly with the Migration Research Unit (MRU) of University College London. The conference seeks to provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary debate on: the different forms of multiculturalism identifiable in Europe and beyond; critiques of multiculturalism; alternative policy approaches - including intercultural dialogue - for the management of cultural diversity issues; the intertwining of security and securitisation issues and the debate on multiculturalism; sources of radicalisation, political violence and terrorism; the relationship between multiculturalism, social exclusion, democratic citizenship and political participation; the impact of international policy networks on national "integration" policies; comparative perspectives on states' experiences of multiculturalism; political challenges to multiculturalism, migrant communities and intercultural dialogue; responses to migration: legal, economic and political; current migration trends and policy approaches; For more information about the Call for Papers and online submission forms, please visit

The Twenty-Ninth International Conference of the North American Society for Social and Political Philosophy will take place July 26-28 2012 at Northeastern University in Boston on the theme of "Civic Virtues, Divided Societies, and Democratic Dilemmas". Deadline for submitting proposals is March 15, 2012. For more information, visit the conference website at

The Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law will be hosting an international symposium on "Nationalism and Globalisation: new settings, new challenges" on 6-7 September 2012. For more information visit the Centre's website:

Interdisciplinary Net is organizing a conference on "Strangers, Aliens & Foreigners" at Mansfield College, Oxford, fom September 21-23, 2012. This multi-disciplinary project seeks to explore the crucial place that strangers, aliens and foreigners have for the constitution of self, communities and societies. In particular the project will assess world transformations, new forms of migration and the massive movements of people across the globe, as well as the impact they have on the conceptions we hold of self and other. 300 word abstracts should be submitted by March 16, 2012. The call for papers is available here:

The Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity will be hosting a workshop on "Super-diversity: Comparative Questions" to take place on 27-28 September 2012 in Gottingen, Germany. Questions to be posed at the workshop include: What are the links between changing migration patterns and changing patterns of super-diversity? Are there other aspects of social and spatial differentiation that ought to be part of how we understand migration-driven urban diversity? What are the consequences of applying a super-diversity lens to the challenges of social and economic integration of migrants in cities? How can super-diversity variables such as new migration flows, legal statuses and labour market trajectories be better conceptualised for social science research? What are the most suitable approaches to, and methods for, studying super-diversity? Abstracts of no more than 300 words addressing these or similar questions should be sent to Fran Meissner( by the 30th March 2012 along with a short (max. 1 page) academic CV. For more information, visit the website at

"Language Rights, Inclusion and the Prevention of Ethnic Conflicts" is the theme of the Thirteenth International Conference on Law and Language of the International Academy of Linguistic Law, to be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 13-17 December 2012. This conference is part of a series of biannual events organised through the International Academy of Linguistic Law since 1984 when it was founded as an international multidisciplinary organisation bringing together jurists, linguists, social scientists and all those worldwide interested in world linguistic diversity, as well as the relationship between law and language. The working languages of the conference will be French, English and Thai. Proposals for papers and inquiries should be sent to Dr Fernand de Varennes, the Conference Convenor, at Proposals should be copied to the International Academy on Language and Law at by 1 March 2012. For more information see the organization's website at

A conference on "Cultural Sustainability, Social Cohesion and Glocal Education" will take place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in June 2013. The conference will focus on questions and issues involving cultural diversity and cultural sustainability from multiple disciplinary theoretical (psychology, sociology, education, economics, history, literature) and methodological perspectives. More specifically the conference wishes to critically examine the repertoire of educational strategies and pedagogies available to approach these issues and their implications for their multiple potential beneficiaries (states, communities, parents, students, and teachers). The conference will bring together scholars who have dealt with these issues in the context of studies of minority, migrant, diaspora, and indigenous education throughout the world. In doing so, it will offer a unique opportunity to enrich the knowledge, communication, and cross-pollination of ideas of those who have, because of academic constraints, sustained parallel yet segregated scholarly inquiries. Interested parties should submit an abstract of 600-800 words (not including bibliography) that describes in detail the subject chosen, research aims, a review of relevant literature, methodology adopted and findings. Abstracts should be sent to Zvi Bekerman before March 1, 2012.

3. Reccent Publications


Journal Special Issues

The International Journal of Human Rights has just published a special issue (Volume 16, #1, 2012) on "Indigenous peoples' rights: new perspectives", with articles by Mauro Barelli, Marco Odello, Kristin Hausler, Heather A. Northcott, Sheryl R. Lightfoot, Sarah Sargent, Fiona Batt, Enzamaria Tramontana, Shayna Plaut, Jennifer Huseman and Damien Short.

There is a special issue of Parliamentary Affairs (Volume 65, #1, 2012) on "Youth, Citzienship and Politics", with articles by James Sloam, Andy Furlong, Fred Cartmel, Constance Flanagan, Andrea Finlay, Leslie Gallay, Taehan Kim, Matt Henn, Nick Foard, Ben Kisby, James Sloam, Ben O'Loughlin, Marie Gillespie, Andrew Mycock, Jonathan Tonge, Yannis Theocharis.

The International Journal on Minority and Group Rights published a special issue (Volume 18, #4, 2011) on "Contrasted Perspectives on Recognition and Implementation of Indigenous Rights". It is guest-edited by Felix Ndahinda, with articles by Lee Swepston, Christian Courtis, Baogang He, Felix Mukwiza Ndahinda, and Korir Sing'Oei.

A recent issue of Issues in Legal Scholarship (Vol. 9 #1) contains a symposium entitled "Denaturalizing Citizenship". The symposium is focused upon two recent books published by Linda Bosniak (The Citizen and the Alien) and Ayelet Shachar (The Birthright Lottery) The symposium features a collection of scholars engaged in a vigorous debate about the relationship between citizenship and inequality. The symposium can be found at: The contributors are Saskia Sassen, Rogers Smith, Rainer Baubock, Mark Tushnet, Susan Bibler Coutin, Muneer Ahmad, David Abraham, Sarah Song, Clarissa Hayward, Peter Nyers, Linda Bosniak, and Ayelet Shachar.

The International Community Law Review recently published a special issue (Volume 13, #4, 2011) focusing on "Minority Rights in International Law". Authors include, Tawhida Ahmed, Russell Buchan, Kristin Henrard, Roberta Medda-Windischer, Alexander Osipov, and Mauro Barelli.

4. Call for Papers and New Journals

Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education: An International Journal (Taylor & Francis) invites contributions for an upcoming guest-edited issue on "Migration, Religion, and Education". For more information, please contact Bruce Collet

The Canadian Journal of Women and the Law plans a special issue on "White Settler Colonialism and Indigeneity in the Canadian Context", guest-edited by Sherene Razack, in honour of Patricia Montoure, to be published spring 2013 (Vol. 25, #1). The journal is seeking submissions, with a deadline of 1 March 2012. Submissions should be no more than 35 pages (10,000 words) and should conform to the Style Guide available on the journal website: For more information contact

The editors of The Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies are seeking potential contributors. Professors Engin Isin and Peter Nyers are editing the Handbook, which will provide state-of-the art analyses of the practices and enactments of citizenship across broad continental regions (Africas, Americas, Asias, Europes) as well as deterritorialized forms of citizenship (Diasporicity, Indigeneity). The Handbook will be published in 2014. Chapters of up to 5,000 words in length will be arranged under the following parts: Approaching Citizenship, Africas, Americas, Asias, Europes, Diasporicity, Indigeneity. For more information about contributing a chapter, visit The deadline for submissions is 20 March 2012. Please direct all inquiries to Dr Jack Harrington:

5. Related Research Projects

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) has been engaging in a comparative research partnership with the European University Institute (EUI) aimed at identifying ways in which Europe and the United States can address major immigration challenges facing policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic. Through the "US and EU Immigration Systems" project, MPI and EUI have published 39 reports and policy briefs that focus on developments in Europe and the United States in eight key areas: employment, economic growth, human rights, security, immigrant integration, demographics, development, and cooperation with immigrant-sending countries. The research partnership was funded through a grant from the European Commission as part of its series of Pilot Projects on "Transatlantic Methods for Handling Global Challenges". The 21 reports and policy briefs produced by MPI as part of this project are available at: The EUI research can be found at:

6. Fellowships and Courses

The HBI (Hadassah-Brandeis Institute) at Brandeis University is accepting applications for their spring 2013 seminar focusing on Gender, Culture, Religion and the Law. Scholars working on exploring conflicts between women's claims to gender equality and legal norms justified in terms of religious and cultural traditions, and those examining the status of women under religious law, either within a single tradition, or using cross-cultural or interdisciplinary approaches are invited to apply for this semester long residency. Deadline for applications: March 15, 2012 For further details, go to:

The University of Amsterdam is offering a post-doctoral Fellowship and two Ph.D. Research Fellowships starting 12 September 2012 as part of the "Diasporas and Contested Sovereignty" Project, sponsored by the European Research Council and conducted under the supervision of Dr. Maria Koinova. The research team will investigate the transnational mobilization of conflict-generated diasporas in Europe and their impact on polities experiencing contested sovereignty in the Balkans, the Caucasus, and the Middle East. The team aspires to answer an overarching question: does the mobilization of conflict-generated diasporas in liberal states have a mitigating or exacerbating effect on political conflict in the original homelands? For more information, contact

The Bucerius Ph.D. scholarship program in migration studies offers up to eight scholarships for Ph.D. theses addressing migration in changing societies. For 2012, research applications on "Migration in and to the Global South" are especially welcome. Qualified Ph.D. students in the social sciences can apply until 23 February 2012. Please find further information as well as the online application on the program's website:

The inter-disciplinary Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL) at the University of Aberdeen will offer a number of 3-year PhD studentships starting 2011-12. The studentships will include full fees (UK/Europe or overseas) and may include partial maintenance. We welcome applicants from anthropology, cultural and literary studies, history, legal theory and socio-legal studies, philosophy, politics, religious studies, sociology and theology. For more information, visit:

The annual International Summer School of EURAC's Institute for Minority Rights is taking place in Bolzano/Bozen (Italy) from June 25 - July 7 2012. The Summer School's Special Focus of 2012 is "Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Management in Europe and Canada: Comparative issues and challenges". Taking stock of the Canadian multiculturalism tradition and the European minority rights protection system, core and topical questions, such as whether European States have turned their backs on multiculturalism, or if the apparent European backlash against multiculturalism may have any impact on Canada, will be addressed in the two week course in particular from a legal perspective. The Summer School's teaching approach will provide for interactive thought-provoking academic lectures, and the opportunity to engage in case studies and role playing exercises. The summer school is open to 25-30 students (BA, MA or PhD), young researchers, civil servants, politicians, activists and other stakeholders (e.g. media). The deadline for applications is 15 April 2012. Successful participants will be notified by 15 May 2012. For the application and for further information, see: write to

The Central European University in Budapest is offering a Summer Course on "The Politics of Citizenship" from July 2-13, 2012. The summer school invites applications from MA students, PhD students, researchers, and junior faculty in universities and other institutions from all over the world. Special attention will be given to problems of membership, ethnic selectivity, transnational and dual citizenship with their implications on the de- or re-ethnicization of citizenship. These processes will be examined from comparative and normative perspectives within the larger European context that connects citizenship of the Member States of the EU through a common citizenship of the Union and its associated rights of free movement. The course Director is Maria Kovacs of the CEU's Nationalism Studies Program. More detailed information is available at

The CEU is also offering Summer Courses in Romany Studies from June 25 to July 20, 2012, including courses on "The Roma in Europe - Comparative Analysis: a course for PhD students" (July 9-20), and "The Roma in Europe - Policy Strategy: a course for policy experts" (July 2-14). CEU's summer school invites applications from junior and postdoctoral researchers interested in developing Romany Studies, as well as persons who are engaged in research in a non-academic environment (think tanks, government departments, NGOs and the like). The application deadline is March 15, 2012. More detailed information available at

The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) and the Initiative on Quiet Diplomacy ( have designed a new training course on Minorities and Conflict. The course responds to an increasing demand for specific courses on minorities in conflict situations. The intention is to strengthen practitioners’ knowledge and capacities to address the dynamics of minority/ies – majority/ies relations in contexts of conflict. The course seeks to respond to the needs of a variety of practitioners, including young diplomats, international organizations’ officials and NGO representatives. The training course will take place in Flensburg, Germany, on 3-6 July 2012. For further information visit the ECMI Training webpage:

The GRITIM-UPF / IMISCOE PhD Summer School 2012 will be held in Barcelona at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra from 2-13 July 2012 on the theme "Theoretical and Methodological Approaches in Migration Studies". The Summer School seeks to train researchers in different areas and disciplines of Social Studies, promoting both theoretical and applied approaches to migration studies. It will familiarise students with conceptual analysis, methodological reflection, and qualitative and quantitative methods related to the study of the migration phenomenon. The goal is to combine in-depth knowledge of the main contemporary migration theories with the necessary analytical, methodological and technical skills needed to perform quality research. This summer school offers an international programme fully adapted to the European Higher Education Area and in accordance with the main IMISCOE research lines. Final date of application submission: 18th March 2012. For more information visit:

The Chaire de recherche en immigration, ethnicité et citoyenneté (CRIEC) at the Université du Québec à Montréal, in collaboration with l’Association internationale des études québécoises (AIEQ), is offering a postdoctoral fellowship. Deadline for applications is 31 May 2012. Application information is available at , or send an email to:

7. Internet Resourcers

The International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion (IMISCOE) Network, which unites several of the leading migration research centres in Europe, has over 40 books on migration, integration and social cohesion available for free download. Link:

Minority Rights Group's 2011 "Peoples Under Threat" table and briefing are now available for download from the MRG website. MRG's PUT index identifies those peoples or groups that are most under threat of genocide, mass killing or other systematic violent repression. Since 2005 MRG has pioneered the use of statistical analysis to identify situations around the world where communities are most at risk of mass killing. Visit their website at

The ACCEPT PLURALISM project recently posted an online debate on "Multiculturalism and Integration: struggling with confusions". Professor Tariq Modood starts the debate, followed by commentaries from Peter Kivisto, Christophe Bertossi and Jan Willem Duyvendak and Thomas Faist. You can see the debate at:


If you would like to announce a new research project, publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of this newsletter, please contact us at, or you can write to the Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy, Department of Philosophy, Queen's University, Watson Hall 313, Kingston Ontario K7L 3N6, Canada. Fax: 613-533-6545.

Special thanks to Octavian Busuioc for research help, and to Lise Charlebois for help with the distribution of the newsletter.

Will Kymlicka, 2016