Sunday October 31

After the tiring travel day, we took it easy on our first full day in Mexico. Along with the residents, I started the day with a taco breakfast from the stand at the end of the street, which operates every weekend morning.(Sandy and Dad were less adventurous.)

The taco stand. Making tacos in the background is Irma, wife of Salud's brother Rafael.

Paul and Salud have made many changes to the house since Dad and I were last down in 1999. In particular, they have built a new bedroom and bathroom where the garage used to be. This is now young Paul's room, but he moved out for our visit so Dad could have that room. Likewise, Vicente abandoned his bedroom for Sandy. My spot was the new pull-out couch in the main room of the house.

The front of the house (all blue). On the right is the new addition.


Sandy, Paul, and Dad chatting in the main room.

In the late morning, we went for a walk around the neighbourhood.

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