Saturday October 30

This was our travel day. We rose at 2:00 am so as to reach the airport by 3:30, three hours before our scheduled flight time of 6:30. Ominously, the early thunder storm gave way to substantial fog. Of course, nothing at the airport opened until after 4:00, and Customs and Immigration didn't open till 5:00. Dad hit a snag when he forgot that he had two pairs of small scissors in his luggage - these were confiscated, although an attempt was made to send the medical scissors along in a box.

We boarded the plane and taxied into position, then proceeded to wait four hours for the fog to lift enough to let us take off (other flights had lower standards and we watched many planes taking off into the fog). We of course missed our connection in Atlanta, and instead had to catch two further flights, Atlanta to Monterey and Monterey to Guadalajara, arriving five hours late. We had tried to let Paul know about the delay - Sandy called Bill and had him send an email to Zamora, but of course nobody thought of checking before they left, so Paul, Salud, Paul, Vicente, and Rocio all had a very long wait in Guadaljara airport, and the "Welcome to Mexico" party was cancelled. However, all ended well, and we had a good drive back to Zamora in the Colegio van that Paul had arranged to borrow.