Saturday November 6

Paul, Sandy, and I went on one further expedition, to the pyramid at Tingambato. The camera was just about out of battery power, but I did manage to get a few pictures from the pyramid site. When the caretaker learned of Paul's connection to the Colegio, he took us into the museum which is being (very slowly) built adjacent to the site, showed us the exhibits which are in place, and gave us many details about the site.

The roof covers the tomb area. Paul and Sandy are in the distance.


The pyramid (for scale, it is about 8 meters high).


The ball court.


Looking from the top of the pyramid towards the tomb, residential area, and altars.


Looking from the top of they pyramid towards the main altar in the foreground and the ball court in the background.

While we were at the pyramid, Paul Jr, Dad, and Salud went shopping and took a tour through the area of US-style housing. Paul, Sandy, and I did some shopping in Paracho (which is noted for its scores of guitar stores).

We had intended to throw a party for Paul and Salud's relatives and friends, but they subverted it and instead threw an advance birthday party for Dad (it was his 81st birthday on the next weekend). Unfortunately, the camera had now really given up, so I got no usable pictures of the 34 attendees at the party:

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