Tuesday November 2

Tuesday was our first expedition day. We went up to Nahuatzen for the Day of the Dead celebrations. In Nahuatzen, we met met Nica and Celia (Salud's parents); Licho (Jesus' widow) and her sons Chucho and Manuel, and Chucho's wife Alma; and Socorro's husband Fidel.

Dad with Fidel and Nica at the door into the house at Nauatzen.


Nica, Sandy, Dad, and Paul in the garden of the house in Nahuatzen.


The kitchen in Nahuatzen.


Paul, Celia, Dad, and Sandy. Celia is holding the book of Canadian nature scenes which Sandy brought for Nica and Celia.

After meeting everybody, we proceeded to the cemetary for the Day of the Dead celebrations.

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Nahuatzen - day of the dead; met Nica, Celia, Licho, Chucho, Alma, Manuel; cemetary; back home for Domino's pizza and US election.