The Squeeze Web

This website is devoted to a comprehensive analysis of the squeeze play in the game of bridge. It will eventually consist of several self-contained essays on different aspects of squeeze theory, together with a catalogue of positions. This catalogue will always be a work in development; the list will be as thorough as I can make it, but I don't expect to achieve a complete and definitive listing. If you encounter or discover a position which is not included in the catalogue, please let me know via email.

It is assumed that most people referring to this site will have some familiarity with the squeeze at bridge; if not, you should start with the first introductory essay below. You will definitely need to be familiar with some game in the whist/bridge family - if you are interested in contract bridge, but don't know how to play, a handy introduction to the game is available at the site of Bridge World magazine. Even if you are well-versed in squeeze play, I also suggest that you read the article "Principles of this collection" before investigating the catalogue.


The catalogue


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