Don Kersey

I am the curator of this museum of squeezes. I have long thought that it would be desirable to have a single-source reference that pulled together the scattered material on play technique; in particular, the standard textbooks on squeeze play are very far from complete, even within the deliberately narrow bounds the authors set for themselves. This is understandable, since such books must have a largely instructional scope if the authors want to sell more than a handful of copies. A website, on the other hand, is under no such constraint, and is also free to grow as new discoveries are made and classified.

As for my credentials, I began playing duplicate bridge fairly seriously in about 1984. I generally get to about 4 regionals a year, and have won about a dozen regional events.Since 1987, I have occasionally contributed articles on advanced play to Bridge World magazine.

My education is in mathematics, although my current employment is related to computers in education. Since the analysis of squeeze play is essentially mathematical in nature, it has appealed to me from my earliest days in the game - I was looking for squeezes before I knew about covering an honour with an honour. I have avidly collected squeeze positions for twenty years or more, and the time now seems ripe to start on an attempt to classify the known positions.

If you have any comments on this site, please feel free to share them with me, preferably via email.

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