Catalogue of Squeeze Types


Material Squeezes

In a material squeeze, every threat is a material menace.

Direct Squeezes

In a direct squeeze, every threat is either a single or double menace.

Primary Squeezes

In a primary squeeze, the squeezer loses no tricks after the squeeze takes place.

  1. Simple
  2. Double
  3. 1-Loser Triple
  4. 2-Trick Triple
  5. Compound
  6. Saturated

Secondary Squeezes

In a secondary squeeze, the squeezer loses one or more tricks after the squeeze takes place.

  1. Extended Simple
  2. Major Tenace
  3. Minor Tenace
  4. Extended Tenace
  5. 2-Loser Triple
  6. Double

Indirect Squeezes

In an indirect squeeze, at least one menace is a dual menace (in which the combined resources of both opponents are required to prevent the development of an extra trick).



  1. Frozen Suit Squeezes
  2. Ruffing Vice Squeezes


  1. Dual Tenace Squeezes
  2. Vice Squeezes



  1. Guard Squeezes
  2. Clash Squeezes
  3. Ruffing Finesse Squeezes


  1. Guard Strip Squeezes
  2. Clash Strip Squeezes
  3. Ruffing Finesse Strip Squeezes
  4. Peer Squeezes
  5. Mole Squeezes

Strategic Squeezes

In a strategic or non-material squeeze, at least one of the threats is a strategical constraint rather than a material menace.

Communication Squeezes

The commonest types of strategic squeeze revolve around questions of communication.

Connection Squeezes

In a connection squeeze, the squeezer's goal is to overcome a lack of communication between the two hands.

  1. Entry
  2. Stepping-Stone
  3. Virtual Entry

Scissor Squeezes

In a scissor squeeze, the squeezer's goal is to disrupt the opponents' communication.

  1. Link
  2. Winkle
  3. Avoidance
  4. Blocking

Control Squeezes

In a control squeeze, the squeezer needs to gain control of the hand before setting up tricks.

Nightmare Squeezes

In a nightmare squeeze, the victim is required to release a menace card (in other words, this is a squeeze against a squeeze).

Trump Squeezes

In a trump squeeze, one of the threats is to take an additional trump trick (this is distinguished from the various types of ruffing squeeze, in which trumps are used after the squeeze takes place to ruff out a threat suit or to provide a needed entry).