The Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is a member of the Working Group, and was developed in Switzerland by monks at the Hospice du Grand St. Bernard. They were first bred in the 17th Century.

The Saint Bernard was used to find lost travellers, and the image of a St. with a keg of brandy around its neck to warm the cold and weary traveller is a familiar one to most people, recently being used by the makers of Neo Citron (tm) to advertise their products.

The original dogs were somewhat smaller, with short coats. The progenitors were probably the Great Dane, Senna Hound Bloodhound and Mastiff (according to the Canadian Kennel Club). Long haired puppies were given away and in 1810 introduced to Britain and shown in 1863 at the Kennel Club shows.

Males should stand a minimum of 27-1/2 inches at the shoulder and females two inches less.

St. Bernards should have plenty of regular exercise and care taken to keep the eyes and ears clean.

For more on the history of this breed see:
NMBE The History of the Saint Bernard Dog

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