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It's been a very long time indeed since I updated this page. I've been very busy lately; I'm taking a film course and it is much more work than I ever imagined. Even so, and even though we don't have time or budget to do much, I am enjoying it and learning "something new every day", and I'm proud of what my little group has done with what we have.

I'm currently doing frantic html on a web project about the haunted areas of Kingston, in which I am also cast in the starring role; June the woman who manages to pick most of the city's haunted places to visit while here. Things are insanely busy, and I can hardly wait until it is over, but I also know that I'll miss it like crazy when it is done.

I am putting the rest of the stuff that happened on our vacation here: I don't have all the pictures scanned yet for that page either.

My foot is pretty well better. Reorganizing has been put on hold at work. Life is frantic but good.

Well, back to html.

Last Modified June 5, 2001

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