Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes are a northern breed, who were used as draft animals and general purpose herding dogs, before being used as sled dogs. A high-energy, deep chested powerful breed, they require plenty of exercise and like to be outdoors.

Coat is "double" (thick short undercoat, longer guard hairs) and requires a thorough weekly brushing, more often when shedding.

Friendly dogs, they are about 23" (females) - 25" (Males) at the shoulder and weigh about 75-85 lbs. (Canadian Standard-- American Standard may be larger)

Malamute Rescue

If you are considering getting a dog, don't forget to check rescue web pages. Sometimes adult dogs are a better choice for busy people; often they already know basic manners and are house trained.

Havelock, Ontario Canada

Malamutes and Siberians

Texas, sled dogs

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