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	The pegasus is reaching its head toward the sugar bowl

Here are some links that I think you might enjoy.

For some reason most of these links are pages for kids. Oh, well, if you've got children to amuse it is nice to have a list of family friendly pages.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. It is more just things I've found that I like, and at the moment they are all things that kids should be able to enjoy without parents worrying. I am very sad that two of my former links no longer work and I had to remove them. They were both wonderful pages. I've managed to locate a new Stan Rogers page, but if Earendil has moved his wonderful, amazing Faery page and you find it, please, please email me and let me know where it is. It was far and away the best page on anything fae that I have ever found.

Bill Oehlke's Giant Moths (Saturniidae) of Prince Edward Island Page
Very well researched, informative site about Saturniidae, the world's largest and most beautiful moths. Contains links to Saturniidae sites for other areas, and PEI butterflies. Amazing!

Abby and Tess' Petsitting Club.
This one kept my seven year old very amused for a long time, and she keeps wanting to go back to it. Abby and Tess are the creations of Trina Weibe, a series of cute books about two little girls' misadventures looking after other peoples' pets.

The Stan Rogers Page

Stan Rogers was a singer/songwriter from the east coast of Canada. Unfortunately, he died young, but he still managed to produce many wonderful songs in the Maritime/Celtic tradition. The lyrics are without exception good, and there is nothing that will help me lift my head up again when I'm feeling overwhelmed than listening to his album, Home in Halifax.

Loreena McKennitt:
Quinlan Road Official Page
Warner's Official Loreena Page
An FAQ Page
Loreena is another Canadian singer/songwriter, with an amazing voice. She's taken traditional Celtic music, done it well, and then built her own style and gone on with it.

Loch Ness
This is really a page about the Loch Ness monster, but it has a web cam focussed on Loch Ness. What beautiful scenery.

Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas
Very well done, maintained by Professor D.L. Ashliman.

Sesame Street's Web Pages
For people with kids to amuse.

Robert Munsch, Children's Author
The author of one of my favorite books, The Paper Bag Princess

Doris Ostendorf's Page
A friend from Queen's University, historian and sassy lady. There is a link from her page which may not be suitable for young children, as it contains the tragic story of cruelty against some cats in the States, but I think it is important for people to be aware of such things.

This Web Page Is Best Viewed With an Internet Connection
I'm working to make my pages accessible to everyone. Are You?

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