Alas, my love, you do me wrong,
To cast me off discourteously,
And I have loved you oh, so long
delighting in your company.

Greensleeves was all my joy
Greensleeves was my delight,
Greensleeves was my heart of gold,
And who but my lady greensleeves.

I have been ready at your hand,
To grant whatever thou wouldst crave;
I have both wagered life and land,
Your love and good-will for to have.


Thy smock of silk, both fair and white,
With gold embroidered gorgeously;
Thy petticoat of sendal white,
And these I bought thee gladly.


'Tis I will pray to God on high,
That thou my constancy mayst see,
And that yet once before I die,
Thou wilt vouchsafe to love me.


this song is credited to King Henry VIII. Small wonder the lady in question wasn't interested! My grade 7 music teacher told us that the title may refer to a tradition of the time period of lovers to wear green clothing.


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