My Family

I promised my kids I'd include them on my web page, and here they are. They're both good kids, and I'm proud to be their mommy.

Jeremy Beth
Jeremy at nine Beth at six
Jeremy Beth

Jeremy, the oldest, is just turning 11. He likes fantasy and science fiction books, Harry Potter, computer games and especially Tomb Raider. He also enjoys swimming. My daughter Bethany is seven and she's very good at schoolwork. She's crazy about Pokemon and Digimon like most kids her age. She also likes to do artwork, playing computer games, particularly making her own scenarios, and she's a bit of a "tomboy".

photo of

This is my fiance, Tad, in his natural environment. He does technical support for a living, just like me, but he also does programming. He enjoys his job too much. *grin*

I also have an older sister, and my parents live out in Alberta.

family photo

Here we are just before Christmas dinner a couple of years ago. Maybe sometime I'll find a newer family photo. It's hard because Tad does his best to never be in any pictures.

News about us for friends and family:
The latest news

Here's a short clip of Beth beside the lilac bush outside in the back yard a couple of days ago (May, 2001). She was helping me with my course homework.

last updated May 23, 2001


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