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Faery Graphics

fairy in black

fairy in blue fairy in purple fairy in red fairy in yellow

fairy in white fairy in green fairy in purple fairy in pink

fairy in red

baby fairy

Fairy and elf   this one was too big to put on this page, but you may still use it. Just keep in mind that it takes a while to load.
Thanks to Krister for making these two transparent for me.

seated fairy in pink seated fairy in green and yellow
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My latest thing is fairy background sets. So far they use the fairies here, but I'm very pleased with the first set:

Tracy the lavender fairy

Fairy and Elf Background Set

Rainbow Unicorn Background Set

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I never thought that I'd have to make a big fuss about this, but there are rules involved with using these graphics. Please read them.

These graphics are Linkware. That means that you can use them without paying me any money. However, I've spent hours and hours creating them, and I do ask for a couple of things:

  • Give me credit for them ON THE SAME PAGE.
  • Link back to my page where you are giving the credit.
  • Use them to make your own pages pretty, but DO NOT include them in a collection of "free graphics" of your own and tell other people they can use them. Anyone who wants them can come here to get them (which is why I require the link back).

Page hits, guestbook signatures and emails are all the payment I ever get for these pictures, and I like to think that I deserve at least that much. If you include my graphics in your own free graphics collection, you are stealing my payment.

You may freely copy the following graphics without credit or link back, so long as you do not alter the content in any way.

Fairies Against Racism Large Fairies Against Racism banner

Smaller Fairies Against Racism banner

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