There are already plenty of great faery sites out there, so I wasn't going to make one of my own until yesterday, when I ran across a site purporting to be about elves, which was a thinly disguised front for a white supremacy group. (Who had remarkably poor research to back up their claims.) I'm not sure I truly believe in the Fae (don't roast me--send me reasons that I should!) but I bet they'd be pretty disgusted at being used in that way.

But how do you counter such things? By educating people. So, here's my Fae page (it won't be limited to just faeries unless I end up with so much information that I have to split the pages up.) I work in the main library of a Canadian University, so I ran upstairs to check out some books. The first thing I discovered is that there are more books on the Fae than I can probably read in my lifetime. So, I grabbed five of the more interesting-looking ones. I'll stick them in the bibliography, and add more as I progress through these ones and on to others.

It is not my intention to harm anther person's beliefs nor interfere with them, but merely to inform to the best of my ability about traditional beliefs in faeries.

Where did Fairy Beliefs Come From?

as opposed to:

Beliefs in Where Fairies Came From

What Do Fairies Look Like?

Fairies seem to like to dress in green, red, and/or white. They especially often wear red caps. They are also described as often wearing "old-fashioned" or out-of-date clothing   (which is also one of the reasons that people have suggested that they are really ghosts, see Beliefs in Where Fairies Came From).
Descriptions of different sorts of fairies vary widely; There many tiny ones, some bigger than ordinary humans, and most somewhere in between. A few apparently are shining beings, glowing in rainbow colours. Others take the form of horses (kelpies) or seals (selkies).

More to come when I have more time. I have a lot of books to read.

My pages just got their very first award, so I'm very happy to present it here.

August, 1999


Religion And The Decline of Magic, Keith Thomas, Garden City Press Limited, 1971.

Primitive Beliefs In The North-East of Scotland, J.M. McPherson, B.D., Longmans, Green, and Co., 1929.

Hobgoblin and Sweet Puck, Gillian Edwards, Geoffrey Bles, 1974.

The Vanishing People, Katharine Briggs, Pantheon Books, 1978.

The Old Gods, The Facts about Irish Fairies, Patrick Logan, Appletree Press, 1981.

The Fairy Faith In Celtic Countries, Wy Evans Wentz, Oxford University Press, 1911.

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