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Some insects are fascinating to me. Mostly butterflies and moths, but there are a few others like dragon flies that I like too.

Recently I've begun studying butterflies and moths as a hobby, so I decided to take some pictures and put up some information about them.

I brought some dill and parsley home from my sister's house, and a black swallowtail hatched out and appeared a few days later. Here it is, as a second and third instar caterpillar. What a difference! (Instars are the times between skin moltings, so the third time this species sheds, it changes radically.) The very first stage, which I didn't get a picture of, is dark brown with a white "saddle", looking remarkably like a tiny bird dropping. This is one type of protection from predators.

black caterpillar with orange and white spots     black caterpillar with orange and white spots     black swallowtail second instar caterpillar     black swallowtail second instar caterpillar

I found this instar very pretty and striking, but the next one is equally so.

green, black and yellow caterpillar     third instar black swallowtail caterpillar     third instar black swallowtail caterpillar

The caterpillar is currently a chrysalis waiting until spring to emerge.

brown chrysalis suspended by thread from dill plant

I found a hummingbird clearwing moth recently on my Buddleia Davidi (butterfly bush) and brought it in to photograph it. Please excuse the quality of these photos, they were done with a very cheap, old model digital attached-to-the-computer camera.

burgundy moth from frong        

This is the second time I've ever seen a hummingbird clearwing moth. The first one I saw, many years ago, was a brighter red and greenish colour, and really did look like a cross between a hummingbird and a bee. They're really a moth.

I'll add a nice background and some information and pictures on monarchs soon.

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