Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is without doubt one of the loveliest of dogs, with its beautiful red coat and silky feathers. Probably descended from the Irish Red and White Setter, it also closely resembles the English and Gordon Setters.

Irish Setters are still used as field dogs, and are popular for hunting ducks, partridge, and pheasant. They are good pointing dogs, as well as retrievers, and take to water quite naturally.

Setters need a great deal of exercise, and while good-tempered are not easy to train. A great deal of patience and positive reinforcement should eventually prevail, however.

The Canadian standard calls for a dog about 27" (69 cm) at the shoulder, weighing around 32 kg. Bitches should be 25" (64 cm) and about 27 kg.

Setter Rescue

Are you looking for a Setter? Consider adopting a rescue dog.

Florida, all Setter types



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