Shelties in Any Other Acceptable Colour

Tired of the same brown dogs? Shelties don't all have to look like Lassie. For those who have a taste for something more unusual, there are several other colours to choose from.


The tricolour is black and white with tan markings on the face and legs. Coats tend to be softer than they should be in a tri.


The bicolour is black and white. This is the most recessive coat colour.

Blue Merle

The blue merle is a tricolour dog with an extra gene that suppresses the black in some areas, giving a bluish-grey coat with black patches, and tan on the face and legs. Merles may have blue or partly blue eyes. Sometimes the merle gene is associated with a genetic defect which can cause blindness and/or deafness. Crossed with a tricolour, the puppies will be normal tris and blues, but crossed with another merle, a double merle white puppy may result, and there is a chance that it will be blind and/or deaf. Regular blue merles (not double merles) are not deaf or blind.

Bi Blue

Bi blue is blue merle and white with no tan. This is my personal favorite colour. Again, crossing any two merles is not recommended, but bi blues themselves will not be blind or deaf.

Coats on all of these colours should be bright and clear, with no brown tinges except of course on the tan parts.

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