Resources and Data

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Data for download:
Continuous soil temperature and moisture records for various vegetation types and for the birch hummock snowfence and greenhouse experiments at a low arctic tundra site since 2006 at 4 hourly and diel frequencies (Daring Lake, NWT, Canada).
(Soil temperature and moisture diel data download; ReadMe file) (Comparable 4 hourly data are also available via Dropbox etc). Please contact Paul for details if you wish to use any of these data in a publication.

2. CO2 emissions calculator for travel by small fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft as well as travel by commercial aircraft, rail or road.

Research protocols:
Full list of detailed protocols (each available on request)
1. Lab/field safety (full version; short labwork-only version)
2. Labware washing (cleaning)


Available equipment and analytical capabilities
Leaf and ecosystem chamber IRGA portable photosynthesis systems
Leaf area meter and conveyor belt (courtesy of the phytotron glasshouse facility)
Auto-analyser (NH4-N, NO3-N, PO4-P etc.)
Total Organic Carbon and Nitrogen (liquid samples)
Soil processing and fumigation equipment
Dataloggers and environmental sensors
Epifluorescence microscope with phase contrast and digital imaging
Growth chamber facilities including a sub-zero freeze-thaw temperature unit
Elemental Analyser for total carbon and nitrogen (solid samples)
Gas sampling equipment for N2O, CH4 etc.
Nucleic acid extraction and Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis analytical equipment
PCR thermocycler


We also have close links on campus to:
Analytical Services Unit
Stable Isotope and ICP/MS lab

Local Links:
Queen’s University Biological Station
Queen's Arctic Research Group

Queen's glass house and growth chamber facilities
Queen’s School of Environmental Studies

Other useful links:

Digital Learning Centre for Microbial Ecology
Phyologeny of Life
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Ecological Society of America
Soil Science Society of America
British Ecological Society
British Society of Soil Science
Queen's Society for Conservation Biology
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