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Qian Gu is an Ph.D. thesis student who started in September 2015.

"I am interested in exploring if ecological stoichiometry is useful in explaining impacts of environmental changes on arctic tundra plant communities. Do species differ in stoichiometric homeostasis characteristics for nitrogen and phosphorus contents, and if so, are these differences indicative of species responses to changes in air temperature, snow depth, and soil nutrient availability?"

Qian has a M.Sc. from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, and is the recipient of Chinese Scholarship Council and Ontario Trillium international Ph.D. Scholarship support.


Harris Ivens is an M.Sc. thesis student who started in September 2015.

"I am interested in the possibilities of reducing fertilizer use in agricultural ecosystems by increasing and transforming greater amounts of the inherent nutrient supply in soils." 

Harris was a faculty member at Fleming College Ontario in their Sustainable Agriculture Program prior to joining our lab, and has his own consultancy business providing on-farm plant and soil assessments, management recommendations and financial advice.

Harris won the C.F. Bentley award for best student talk at the Canadian Society of Soil Science annual meeting in Peterborough in June 2017.

John Serafini is an M.Sc. thesis student who started in September 2015 and is working jointly with Profs Aarssen and Grogan.

"My research will explore how plant community composition and productivity is influenced by belowground water and nutrient availability, and aboveground deer herbivory in a meadow grassland near the Queen's University Biological Station." 


Other current and recent lab assistants and volunteers  

Shannon Petrie is a SWEP student assistant helping us in the summer of 2017, and working mainly with Qian Gu at Daring Lake.


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