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Case Studies

Case studies can be a very powerful way to learn. They combine problems of public management with real world - or approximately real world - situations. Experience in the School of Policy Studies, but also in working with the Canadian Police College, has confirmed how useful they can be. Over the past several, I have developed a number of case studies that have generally proven to be good learning opportunities for both full time and part time students. These have been used both in group work - with some spectacular presentations in class - and as individual assignments.

The Cases listed below may be used with my permission.

Learning from Others: Organizational Experience Cases

There is an increasing need for organizations to learn from each in a systematic way. Everyone is entitled to make his or her own mistakes, but there are times when seeing how others experienced similar problems or sought to invent similar wheels can be of benefit. the challenge of co-called knowledge transfer is that there are few tangible means to do this, aside from a few beer late at night, but remembering those pearls of wisdom attained through that means can be a challenge. Organizational learning case studies are one means to meet this need. Of course, they have to be facutal and balanced, not just advertirsements or full of self praise. Here are some that I have worked on recently that may be of use.

OMBI: The Ontaro Municipal Benchmarking Initiative

This case involves the collaborative efforts of 15 Ontario municipalities to develop common performance and costing platforms for a series of basic municipal services. In this effort to establish an 'apples to apples' type comparison, much was learned abut how to build benmarks, but also the potential problems.


The Vancouver Agreement

This case documents to efforts to build a three-level government effort in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.



Teaching Series: Case Studies on Contracting, Outsourcing and Alternate Delivery

Business Transformation Project: Ministry of Community, Family and Social Services

Electronic Ticketing: Highway 401

Integrated Justice Project

General Cases

Bad Cheques: Fixing a Multi-Million Dollar Mistake

Contract Out? Getting to the Right Decision.

Be Prepared. Be Very Prepared: Developing a Strategic Approach to Changes and Risk for the Hope City Police Service

The Tale of Two Cultures: Organizational Change in a Hospital Setting

Problem Employee or Problem Boss? Change, Resistance, Performance and Leadership

New Kid on the Block