Current Students

David Ensing, PhD student

Maggie Bartkowska, Post-Doctoral Fellow

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Dylan Sora, MSc student

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Muzzamil Abdur-Razak, MSc student

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Eugene Sit, MSc student

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Adriana Lopez Villalobos, PhD student
Adriana hails from Mexico City, where she completed a BSC and MSc at UNAM. Making her way north, she turned her attention from pollination ecology to the ecology and evolution of range limits, with a particular interest in the extent to which variation in demography across species’ ranges influences population genetic structure and, in turn, the adaptive potential of populations across the range. Her project involves very large-scale surveys of demographic variables and genetic structure in the Pacific coastal dune endemic Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia. By surveying a very high proportion of extant populations distributed along the near 1-dimensional geographic range of this species, Adriana is applying population and landscape-genetic analyses to test theoretical predictions concerning how demography and geographic location combine to determine the genetic diversity within populations and the degree of differentiation and gene flow between them. Adriana is also using population-genetic and phylogeographic analyses to shed light on the evolutionary history of mating system differentiation in C. cheiranthifolia. This species exhibits the full range of mating systems: from strict self-incompatibility associated with large flowers and complete outcrossing, to fully self-compatible, cleistogamous flowers and obligate self-fertilization. Adriana’s preliminary results suggests multiple independent origins of self-fertilization within this single species as well as hybridization associated with the maintenance of self-incompatibility.

Sara Bocchinfuso, BSc thesis student

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Sydney Rotman, BSc thesis student

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Past Students

Stephanie Greer (MSc’16) -- Xxx

Anna Hargreaves (PhD’14) -- Xxx

Sara Dart (PhD’13) -- Xxx

Laura Doubleday (MSc’12) -- Evolution of floral display fragrance during a shift from outcrossing to selfing

Karen Samis (PhD'07) -- Evolution of species' range limits

Jessica Montague (MSc'05)-- Local adaptation during biological invasion in purple loosestrife

Jill Hamilton (MSc'05) -- Phylogeography and conservation genetics of plants on threatened Alvar habitat

Chris Herlihy (PhD'04) -- Reproductive assurance and the evolution of self-fertilization

Sarah Yakimowski (MSc'04) -- A geographical perspective on factors threatening species at risk

Agnes Kliber (MSc'03) -- Genetics of biological invasion by flowering rush

Faye Thompson (MSc'02) -- The loss of sex in flowering rush

Keiko Lui (MSc'01) -- Genetic causes and consequences of sexual variation in introduced populations of flowering rush

Katherine Mavraganis (MSc'98) -- Reproductive ecology and population biology of Aquilegia canadensis

Marcel Dorken (MSc'98) -- The loss of sex in a clonal plant, Decodon verticillatus

Lisa O'Connell (MSc'97) -- Evolutionary differentiation in sexuality and life history in Antennaria parlinii

Bonnie Syme (BSc’15) -- Xxx

Jason Verbeek (BSc’15) -- Xxx

Corrina Thomsen (BSc’15) -- Xxx

Rachel Wilson (BSc’13) -- Xxx

Lindsay Falk (BSc’12) -- Xxx

John Viengkone (BSc’12) -- Xxx

Jenn Weiner (BSc’11) -- The role of pollination in the altitudinal range limits of montane plants

Sara Lynskey (BSc’11) -- Ecological and genetic causes of low seed set in an annual dune endemic

Angela Boag (BSc’10) -- Ecology & effectiveness of biocontrol on purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)

Lindsey Button (BSc’10) -- Coevolution of flower colour and the mating system in Camissonia cheiranthifolia

Natalie Morrill (BSc’10) -- Local adaptation to mediterranean climate in a Pacific coastal dune plant

Stephen Sagar (BSc'09) -- Heirarchical variation in floral morohology and neutral genetic diversity in Aquilegia canadensis

Elizabeth Johnston (BSc'09) -- Preferential allocation of resources to high quality offspring in Aquilegia canadensis

Catherine Gieysztor (BSc'09) -- Ecological factors associated with an abrupt mating system shift in Abronia umbellata

Virginia Emery (BSc'08) -- DNA barcoding reveals specialized floral parasitism by a new moth species

Young Chang (BSc'08) -- Geographic variation in the expression of self-incompatibility in Camissonia

Jessica Wang (BSc'06) -- Correlated evolution of flower morphology and life history in invasive purple loosestrife

Yona Gellert (BSc'06) -- Life history differentiation and reproductive isolation between selfing and outcrossing lineages

Emily Darling (BSc'05) -- Coevolution of dispersal, mating system & geographical range limits

Colleen Inglis (BSc'04) -- Geographiic variation in the sexual system of Camissonia

Tracy-Lynn Reside (BSc'04) -- Distribution and origin of genetic variation in sexual vs apomictic Antennaria

Emily Austen (BSc'03) -- Morphometric analysis of geographical variation in floral traits in Camissonia

Eva Bruni (BSc'03) -- Evolution of polyploidy in flowering rush

Jeremy Brown (BSc'03) -- Adaptive evolution during biological invasion in flowering rush

Jessica Montague (BSc'02) -- Role of horticulture in the spread of flowering rush: a molecular genetic analysis

Rob Ness (BSc'02) -- The evolution of asexuality in Antennaria

Kelly Bronson (BSc'01) -- Genetic relations between diploid and triploid flowering rush

Celine Griffin (BSc'01) -- Contribution of biparental inbreeding to the mating system of columbine

Sarah Yakimowski (BSc'01) -- Colonization dynamics of purple loosestrife

Mike Bhardwaj (BSc'00) -- Synchronous dichogamy in Butomus umbellatus

Agnes Kliber (BSc'00) -- Seasonal variation in allocation to sexual reproduction in Aquilegia canadensis

Steven Griffin (BSc'99) -- The effect of experimental protogyny in Aquilegia canadensis

Barbara Ozimec (BSc'99) -- Temporal variation in the mating system of Aquilegia canadensis

Matt Routley (BSc'98) -- The effect of population size on the mating system of Aquilegia canadensis

Julia Thomas (BSc'98) -- Sexual reproduction and genetic diversity in introduced populations of Butomus umbellatus

Kelly Gascoigne (BSc'98) -- A preliminary foray into the silver maple gall community

Amy Schaefer (BSc'97) -- Protogyny and reproductive assurance in Aquilegia canadensis

Blandine Massonnet (BSc'97) -- Sexual reproduction in introduced populations of Butomus umbellatus

Maryl Allen (BSc'96) -- Cryptic self-incompatibility in tristyous Decodon verticillatus

Cecilia Green (BSc'96) -- The adaptive significance of pollen size: a comparison of self- and cross-ferilizing angiosperms

Andreka Lapchinski (BSc'96) -- Mating system consequences of a novel floral phenotype in Decodon verticillatus

Tania Siemsen (BSc'96) -- Not being fruitful: the mechanism of sexual sterility in Decodon verticillatus

Nina Celotti (BSc'95) -- The pollen tube pathway and the obturator in hawthorn sexual reproduction

Captain Greg Grabas (BSc'95) Effect of floral variation on female reproductive success in tristylous Decodon verticillatus

Sean Griffin (BSc'95) Fluctuating asymmetry as a measure of epigenetic stress in Brassica rapa

Stacy Mitchell (BSc'94) The genetic control of sterility in clonal Decodon verticillatus

Katherine Mavraganis (BSc'94) -- Evolutionary consequences of extensive morph loss in tristylous Decodon verticillatus

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