Important note about exams



The time to ask for a dispensation for an exam is BEFORE the scheduled exam is written, not after.  If you experience any personal extenuating circumstances, including any of those described below, that you think might negatively affect your performance on an exam, you should bring this to the attention of the course coordinator before you write the exam (see instructions below).  Dispensations, based on legitimate excuses may be granted at the discretion of the course coordinator.  If you are not sure whether your excuse is legitimate, ASK.  Also, if you experience any of the circumstances described below at the “last minute”, do not write the exam and contact the course coordinator as per the instructions given below.  All legitimate cases will be approved for permission to write a deferred exam at a later time when you have recovered from your illness or distress.  However, once you have written an exam, it counts and the Biology Department will not change your grade.  An appeal at this point could only be made to the Faculty of Arts and Science.

 Course coordinators will consider applications for the following dispensations:

                    - due date extension for an assignment

                    - extra time for writing an examination

                    - permission to write a make-up or deferred examination in place of a regularly scheduled examination

 Religious holidays

As per University regulations, permission to write a make-up or deferred exam will be granted if the regularly scheduled exam conflicts with a legitimate request to observe a designated religious holiday.  

Exam conflict 

Students may apply to write a make-up or deferred exam if they have an exam  conflict as defined in the Academic Regulations of the Faculty (See Arts and Science Calendar).  In this case, the student should report to the Exams Office first to verify that there is a genuine exam conflict. 

Other Academic conflicts

Students may apply to write a make-up or deferred exam if they have an exam  conflict with off-campus travel associated with a field course (e.g BIOL-307*/407*) that is held during the fall or winter terms.  

Minor illness

 Applications for the above dispensations will be considered for students with minor illness (e.g. common cold, flu).  In the case of an application for a postponed assignment due date, if approved based on minor illness, the extension will normally not exceed 72 hours after the posted due date.   

Extreme personal circumstances

Normally, the above dispensations will be approved for students with corroborated extreme personal circumstances, such as the following:

- Serious long-term illness or injury certified by documentation from a licensed health professional.  (Documentation is not required for  an  obvious injury, e.g. broken bone in a cast)

- Current or recent treatment from a licensed psychiatrist, or counselling by Queen’s Student Services, certified by supporting documentation from same.

- Recent death or life-threatening illness or injury of a family member or close friend.  In this case, the student must provide the name and phone number of a relative of the affected person who has consented that he / she is willing to provide corroboration, if contacted.

- A disability certified by documentation from the Special Needs Office.

Other Circumstances

Applications for the above dispensations based on personal extenuating circumstances other than those described above will be considered at the discretion of the course coordinator.

December Exams and Holiday Travel

According to university regulations, students are expected to be available to write scheduled exams at any time during the December examination period.  Applications to write a make-up exam because of conflicting holiday travel plans (e.g. flight bookings) will NOT be considered except under extraordinary circumstances.  Students are advised to wait until the final December exam schedule is posted before making any holiday travel arrangements.

All applications for dispensations must:

- be submitted in writing by e-mail to the course coordinator or delegate (e.g. instructor);

- include a description of the relevant details, including the time frame regarding when and how the student has been affected.

- in the case of an assignment due date extension, indicate how much extra time the student thinks he/she requires.

- include supporting documentation as required (see above).  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that any necessary supporting documentation is received by the course coordinator or delegate.

- be received at least 72 hours prior to the exam or due date; or, in the event of “last minute” extenuating circumstances, applications must be received not later than 72 hours after the exam or due date.  (Note that if the application is for an assignment due date extension based on “last minute” minor illness (see above), then normally the student will also be required to submit the assignment no later than 72 hours after the posted due date).

All dispensations will be granted at the discretion of the course coordinator or delegate.  Students will be notified by email regarding the approval and terms of the dispensation.