Positions Available

Postdoctoral fellow:

A postdoctoral position is available in my laboratory in the Department of Biology at Queen’s University, Kingston ON Canada. The position has guaranteed funding for at least 2 years, but applicants are encouraged to apply for postdoctoral fellowships. The primary focus of the lab is to use genetic, molecular biology and biochemical approaches to understand the role of ephrin/Eph Receptor Tyrosine Kinases signaling in C. elegans development. The specific research project will depend on skills and experience of the candidate. Previous experience with C. elegans genetics and manipulations is an asset but not required.  The lab is seeking an energetic and highly motivated individual. The successful applicant will work in a very stimulating academic and cultural environment. Excellent organizational and record-keeping skills, ability to work independently and troubleshoot are essential prerequisites.  Occasional weekend or after hours work is expected.  Interested persons should send their CV and the names of references by e-mail to:  chinsang@queensu.ca

Please check out deadlines and eligibility for the following Postdoctoral Fellowships:


Queen's internal postdoctoral fellowship support

Also visit grantsnet.org

This is by no means a complete list, and applicants are encouraged to seek other sources of funding.

Graduate Students:

M.Sc. or Ph.D. students should apply through the Biology Department.  Please contact Joanne Surette for more information regarding application procedures.

Departmental Guide to Graduate Studies

Undergraduate Students:

The Chin-Sang lab always has a number of undergraduate students working on projects  (BIOL537, BIOL 59X) or volunteers wanting lab experience. Please email Dr. Chin-Sang to enquire about availability.