Lab Alumni

People who have moved on

Evelyn Popiel MSc. Started Fall 2014 Email:  Link to Evelyn’s 3MT.  Current Position: PhD student, Sick Kids Hospital, University of Toronto

Jessica Scanlon St. Lawrence College Biotech Co-op student (January- april 2016

Allen Tian (NSERC summer 2015 and BIOL540 Indpendent student 2015)  Email:

Victoria Griffiths (BIOL537 2015)  Email: 

Hilton Chiu (BIOL537 2015 Co-supervised with Dr. Bill Bendena)  Email:

Meaghan Egan St. Lawrence College Biotech Co-op student (January-April 2015). Current Position:  Ireland

Cait Dunseath  St. Lawrence College Co-op 2014, Technician - March 2015,  current position: Performance Plants

Gabriel Chamberlain (Volunteer Fall 2011)(MSs) May 2012- Dec. 2014 Current position: Port Inspection Diver at Canadian Armed Forces, Shearwater, Nova Scotia, April 2016-present

Jordan Zelt (MSc candidate) co-supervised with Dr. Lois Mulligan. Email:

Samantha LoVolunteer, BIOL537 2010-2011,  MSc. started Fall 2011 Email: Current Position: Medical School Student, Kings College London, England

2013             Amelia Wickwire (volunteer)

2013             Keira Mckee (volunteer)

Queen's iGEM teams

Queen's iGEM Students 2013 and link to their wiki. Check out the front page article in the Kingston Whig. Link to their crowdfunding   video.

QGEM 2013:

Manager: Henry Barron

James Kim, Mackenzie Jamieson, Sylvester Chiang, Cindy Zhu, Dylan Piette, Simon Huang, Stephanie Chan, Mitangi Parekh

QGEM 2012:

Queen's iGem Students 2012 link to their wiki and website Check out an article in Kingston This Week!
Manager: Kevin Chen

Aaron Trotman-Grant, Andrew Pham, Beini Wang, Boris Baitsov, Daniel Hughes, Eric Towers, Faisal Bakhteyar, Maggie Campbell,  Mitangi Parekh, Phillip Tsang, Timothy Yung, Victor Pham, William Chaplin

Susan Le (Volunteer 2012)

Stephanie Chan (Volunteer 2012)

2012-2013   Cindy Huang (volunteer)

2012-2013   Jenny Hui (volunteer)  email:

2013             Daniel Li (volunteer) email:

Hasina  Dhanani (Summer volunteer 2012/2013, BIOL595 2012/2013)

Ben Schilkie (Volunteer Fall 2012, BIOL537 2013)

 2012             Carol Wong (volunteer) 

Michael Zanetti (MSc candidate start Sept. 2010) Email: Current position: International Account Manager at DNA Genotek, July 2015-present, Ottawa

Jun Liu, MSc April 17th 2007  (PhD January 30th 2013). 3 minute thesis. Email:  current position:  Postdoc in  Helge Grosshans’ lab.

Olivia Margie (Volunteer Fall 2011)


Jordon Taylor (summer volunteer 2012, BIOL537 2012-2013)

Dan Schep (NSERC Summer2011, BIOL 594 Fall 2011)

Chaitanya (Che) Upmanu (summer volunteer 2011, Biol 595 2011)

Tyler Southam (Biol 594 2011)

Winny Li (Volunteer, BIOL 537 2011-2012 NSERC USRA 2012)

Rhiannon Campden (BIOL 537 2011-2012)

Fabian Yu BIOL Volunteer 2008,  BIOL537 2008-2010- MSc Fall 2012. Current Position: PhD Researcher | Life Sciences Innovation | Business.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Oct 2016-present...(BloodCenter of Wisc., Medical College of Wisc.,/Live Sciences Career Dev. Society)


Sharon Au- Volunteern

Kevin Yau- Volunteer

Paula Gilchrist- Volunteer

Corey Ng- Volunteer

Will Chan  Volunteer Summer 2009

QGEM 2011: Allister Smith, Olivia Margie, Adrian McNeely, Tony He, Stephanie Zhou, Alex Campbell, David Dai, Sophie Gong, Kevin Chen, Kristina Collavino, Eni Rukaj, Faisal Bakhteyar


Ahmed Mohamed, MSc Jan. 27th 2005, PhD July 2011 Current Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor at Raritan Valley Community College, Union County College, College of Staten Island, Aug 2016-present.


Jason Campbell-Volunteer/BIOL537 2010-2011. MSc. started Fall 2011. Moved next door to Dr. Bendena's Lab.



Lian Zara  Volunteer 2009//BIOL537 2010-2011.MSc. started Fall 2011. Moved next door to Dr. Bendena's Lab.  



Peter Hand (MSc July 2011) Email:  Current Position: Head of Strategy at VICE Media, Toronto,  March 2016-present


Nicole Liscio NSERC summer student 2008 (co-supervised with Dr. William Bendena) BIOL 537 2009-2010

Current position:  Grad School U of T/ Mount Sinai Hospital  (Dr. Helen McNiell Lab

Monika Dalmacio Volunteer 2009, BIOL 537 2009-2010


Jimmy Peng NSERC summer student 2007, 2008, 2009 BIOL 537 2009-2010

Current position: PhD at McGill (Charron Lab)


Corey Ng

Current position: Dental School

Bryant Shum   (NSERC summer student iGEM team member 2009)

Current position: Law School

From left: Nelson Yao, Yuli Zhang, Chris Palmer, Steve Goldie, Geoff Halliday, Thai Phi, Hao Shi, Kevin Hong.


Darren Devision Summer 2009 (Co-Supervised with Bill Bendena)


Annie Lam  (MSc completed May 2009)


Sarah Brisbin (MSc completed Jan. 30th 2009) 

Current position: MD PGY2 Internal Medicine University of Calgary


Gabrielle Salmers (Biol 537  Sept. 2008)

Current position: Med School Australia

Queenie Hu  (Work Study September 2006, September 2007 Biol 537 2008)

Current position:  PhD at York University (Terry Kubiseski Lab)

Mallory Martin (Biol 537 Sept. 2008)

Angelica  Volunteer Summer 2009


Liz Wakefield (Co-Op 2008)

Victor Jurado (Co-Op 2009)

JingJing Ma NSERC summer student 2008 (co-supervised with Dr. William Bendena)


Amanda Hyde (St. Lawrence College Jan-Apr 2007, Lab Tech May 2007- June 2008)  (Now in Dr. Bruce Elliot's Queen's  Cancer Research)



Donnie Laughton (Obtaining a Math Degree and Applied to the Military)


Peter Hand SWEP/BIOL537  (MSc in the Chin-Sang lab)

Joanna  Kozlowska (SWEP/ BIOL 537 2006-2007)

Current position: MSc candidate in the Cutter lab at U of T Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Dan Hynes (Summer Worker/ BIOL 537 2006-2007)

Current position: PhD candidate in Valvano Lab at UWO Microbiology and Immunology

Diana (Jiao Jiao)  Shao BIOL 537 3006-2007



Michel Cameron, MSc December 20th 2005 (Technician until July 2006)

Current position: PhD in the Andelfinger Lab McGill University department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and now Vice President - Scientific Director BIOGENIQ



Dr. Simona Ghenea (June 2002-May 2006)

Current position:  Researcher in Stefana Petrescu lab, at Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy


James Scott  SWEP/ BIOL 537 2005-2006

Sarah Brisbin BIOL 537 2005-2006  (MD in Calgary)

Mike Hendry BIOL 537 2005-2006  (MD Toronto)


Jadine Paw, MSc July 25th 2005  Current position MD in  (Calgary)

Clement Yang  (NSERC Summer student 2005)


Annie Lam  (Summer volunteer 2005)  (Now an MSc. candidate)


Nick Lague, Technician  (January 2004- September 2005)


Joe Oliver ( SWEP/4th Year thesis 2004)

(MSc in Bruce Elliot's lab and applying to Med School)

Keegan Tupchong  (NSERC Summer Research 2004 )

(Currently in Med School)

Sara Pedley (Biol 537 2004-2005)




Michael Vieira (SWEP/Biol 537 2003-2004)


Alex Pennal (Biol 537 4th year thesis 2003-2004)

Current position (Med School)




 Chi-Chi Agbasi (Work Study  09-2003 to 05-2004)


  Dr. Marie A. Evangelista (Post doc 01-2003 to 09-2003)

Congratulations to Marie for winning the prestigious NSERC Doctoral Prize! [Link to news story]

Kate Hammer (volunteer 09-2003 to 03-2004)


  Thevagi Satkunedran (SWEP/Biol 537 2002-2003) (current position grad student at U of T)


 Michael Mak (Summer student 2001) 

    Joseph Jeon (work study 2001-2002) 


 Tanvi Talsania (Volunteer 2001-2002)