Group Meetings

Chin-Sang Lab Meetings/ Journal Club

Winter 2018
Mondays  2:30-4pm Rm 3110

Jan. 15th: General meeting round table

Jan. 22nd: Danielle and India practice talks for BIOL537 seminars

Fall 2017 

Tuesdays    1:00pm - 2:30pm

 Rm. 3112

2016 (Summer) 

May 10th no meeting

May 17th : Evelyn Journal Club:  EFN-4 functions in LAD-2-mediated axon guidance in Caenorhabditis elegans

May 31st: Amtul Journal Club : DAF-18/PTEN locally antagonizes insulin signalling to couple germline stem cell proliferation to oocyte needs in C. elegans.

June 7th : Shanqing Current work

June 14th: Cindy Journal Club  Wei et al. The BBSome controls IFT assembly and turnaround in cilia

June 21st: Tony/Ian CRISPR update Rm. changed to 3101 for this day.

June 28th:   Sabrina Journal Club

2016 (Winter)

Jan. 13: All,  Round table 

Jan. 20:  Ian overview of research 

Jan. 27 :  Jason current work 

Feb. 3:  No meeting- Ian will meet with each person individually.  Pick a time here:

Feb. 10: away

Feb. 17: reading week

Feb. 24:  No meeting this week

March 2:  Evelyn current work

March 9:  Amtul current work

March 16:  Hilton and Victoria  pratice poster presentation in the Biology Atrium  (only grad students and postdocs)

March 23: Shanqing current work

March 30: Cindy current work

April 6:  No meeting 

April 13:  Tony/Annie/ Ian/Jeff  CRISPR stuff and new cloning methods

April 20: Rawah current work or proposed work

April 27: Practice talks for Upstate New York  worm meeting

May 4th:  Annie, cloning eperiments, Round table discussions

2015 (Fall)

Sept. 23: All,  Round table 

Sept. 30: Tony and Jeff, Worm and Lab Stuff, 

Oct. 7 :  Evelyn current work

Oct. 14:  Amtul current work

Oct. 21: Shanqing current work

Oct. 28 : Cindy current work

Nov. 4 :  round table

Nov. 11:  Group round table/ Victoria and Hilton first draft of Seminar

Nov. 18:  Victoria and Hilton talk 

Nov. 25:  Tony, Annie and Jeff current work

Dec. 2: TBD

Dec. 9 :  TBD

Dec.16 :  TBD


2014 (Fall)

Sept. 19: All,  Round table 

Sept. 26: Tony, Worm Nomenclature and Lab Stuff, BBQ.

Oct. 3 :  No meeting

Oct. 10:  No meeting 

Oct. 17: Shanqing current work

Oct. 24 : Evelyn overview of MSc project

Oct. 31 : Jason current work

Nov. 7: Amtul current work

Nov. 14: Annie/Tony (PLM wt phenotype,  and update on CRISPR in C. elegans)

Nov. 21:  David Wei current work

Nov. 28: Gabe practice talk for MSc

Dec. 5 :  BIOL537 practice

Dec.12 : 

2014 (Winter):

Jan. 29 2014:  Round table and Tony’s current work


Feb.12: no meeting 

Feb. 19: no meeting


March 5:


Jan. 8 2013  All,  Lab business and organizational meeting

Jan. 15 Catalina and Jordon ? Practice for BIOL537 seminar

Jan. 22 Jordon and Jun Practice BIOL537 seminar and PhD defense seminar

Jan. 29 Gabe Current lab work- new results for Oncogene paper

Feb. 5 Hassina and Lauren, lab business Current lab work and lab business

Feb. 12 No lab meeting

Feb. 19 No lab meetingReading week

Feb. 26 No Lab meeting  Ian/Bill away at neuropeptides conference

Mar. 5 Michael Current work- MSc summary

Mar. 12 round table

 Mar. 19 no meeting

 Mar. 26 round table

April 2 Jason current work

September 19th  2013: General lab meeting

September 25th  2013: General lab meeting, Dr. Bendena overview on CRISPR-Cas9 system in C. elegans.

October 3rd  2013:  Jun

October 10th  2013:   no meeting (Ian and Bill at Faculty meeting)

October 17th   2013: Lian/ Ben practice BIOL537 talk

October 24th  2013:  Michael 

October 31st   2013:  Sam Lo 

November 7th 2013: Bendena Lab meeting

November 14th 2013: Gabe current work

November 21 2013: Lauren practice BIOL537 talk

November 28th 2013:

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