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Principal  Investigator/NCIC Research Scientist:

  Dr. Ian Chin-Sang Email:

Post Doctoral Fellows:  wanted

Dr. Shanqing Zheng  Email:

Grad Students:

Amtul Moeez  M.Sc.. started Fall 2015 Email:  Link to Amtul’s 3MT

M.Sc. July 11 2017

Cindy Huang M.Sc. started Fall 2015  Email:

Hilton Chiu M.Sc. started June 2016 Email:


  Tony Papanicolaou  Email:

Jeffrey Boudreau Email:

Annie Lam  (MSc completed May 2009) Email:

Undergrad Students:

  1. Victoria Ki (BIOL594 2018)
  2.  Courtney Cheng (BIOL594 2018)
  3. Jordan Chalmers (BIOL537 2018)
  4. Nesar Safajou (BIOL537 2018)
  5. Eric Cheng (BIOL537 2018)

Daniell Ciren (BIOL537 2017-2018) 

India Dhillon (BIOL537 2017-2018)

Jamil Muradov (BIOL594 2017)

James Guscott (BIOL594 2017) 

 Henry Tung (BIOL594 2017- 2018)

Chelsea Cheng (BIOL540 2016)

Sabrina Nowak (BIOL537 2016)


Ali Moman (BIOL537 2015)

Co-op Students: 

John Michael Guanzon St. Lawrence College Biotech Co-op student (January- april 2018)

Jesse Ferland St. Lawrence College Biotech Co-op student (January- april 2017)


William Tran (Summer 2017)

Nathan Smith (2017)

Julia Mandeljc (2017)

Jessica Chow (2017)

Victoria Ki (2017) 

Matt Le (2017)

Danny Ly (2017)

Randi Wang (2017)

.Jordan Balson (2016)

Priyanka Mangat (2016)

.Courtney Cheng (2016)

Victoria Ki (2016)

Megan Piette (2016)


Teija Bily

Jordan Balson

Courtney Cheng

Chelsea Cheng (Volunteer start 2014) email:

Randi Wang

Christina Yu

2013-2014- 2015 -2016  Brandon Lam (volunteer)


2014  Frances Leung (Volunteer)

2013-2014   Bryn Hazlett (Volunteer)

Eden Gelgoot

2014- 2015              Bertie Zhang (Volunteer)

2014-2015  Courtney De Souza (volunteer)

2011-2014   Dylan Pyette (Volunteer) email:

2013-2014   David Wei ( NSERC)  email:

Bendena Lab Contacts:

William Bendena

Jason Campbell


Chin-Sang Caricatures 2008 by Queenie Hu

Chin-Sang Lab Caricatures  2008 (by Queenie Hu)


   (vab-1(e2) Notched head)

Past Members

Post Doc and Grad/Undergrad Student Positions are Available.

If Interested Please Contact: Dr. Ian D. Chin-Sang by email:

Lab photo  Oct. 2013


Chin-Sang/Bendena Lab Oct. 2013 

Chin-Sang/Bendena Lab BBQ 2013

Chin-Sang Lab Summer 2012

Movember 2010

Chin-Sang Lab Summer 2010

Chin-Sang/Bendena Lab Summer 2009

Chin-Sang Lab Summer 2008

Lab Sushi outing

Ian with Sir John Sulston


Chin-Sang Lab 2006

Chin-Sang Lab 2004

Chin-Sang lab 2003

Chin-Sang Lab 2003

The Chin-Sang Lab "open 24 hours"


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