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C. elegans:

 order strains here

Genetic Nomenclature for C. elegans

Labs sorted by allele designation

            Current C. elegans gene names and links to their sequence

            Vector designations for the C. elegans physical map

 An information retrieval and extraction system for C. elegans literature



B.C. Genome Sequencing Center

Worm Chip Directory, Stanford: Information on microarray chips, analysis of completed chip experiments, and how to access the resource

 Classic papers in C. elegans biology

Developmental Biology:

The Foundations of Developmental Biology

The Virtual Embryo

Developmental Biology  (Scott F. Gilbert) website



Genetics Society of America

Genetics Society of Canada

Society for Developmental Biologists

Canadian Cancer Society

Online Journals: 

E-Journals Service of the Ontario Scholars Portal 

 Impact factors 2007

Cell   29.887

Nature   28.751

Science   26.372

Nature Genetics   25.556

Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology     23.545

Genes & Development  14.795

Neuron   13.410

Developmental Cell  12.436

Trends in Genetics   9.729


Current Biology   10.539

Journal of Cell Biology      9.598

PNAS     9.58

Journal of Neuroscience    7.490

Molecular and Cellular Biology   6.420

Development   7.293

Journal of Cell Science    6.383

Molecular Biology of the Cell    6.028

Journal of Biological Chemistry       5.581

Developmental Biology   4.714

Genetics    4.001

Developmental Neurobiology (previously Journal of Neurobiology)  4.170

Mechanisms of Development   3.435

Evolution & Development 3.733



Developmental Dynamics  3.084


Genesis   2.516

Development Growth $ Differentiation  1.908


International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 3.608

International Journal of Developmental Biology  2.830

Virtual library: Developmental Biology

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences   

   Web of Science

Journal Citation Report

Queen's online Library Book Renewal and Request

EurekAlert!  Breaking news in Science  

Queen's Departmental Seminars

Department of Biology  

Biomedical and Molecular Sciences  


Introduction to microscopy,   Other Microscopy Links

Molecular Expression Microscopy Primer

The Nomarski Shrine (Chisholm lab web site)

 JOVE Phase Contrast and DIC microscopy

Confocal microscopy  

Installing an HBO mercury bulb (real video)

Aligning an HBO mercury bulb (real video)

practice Focus and alignment of mercury lamps

Proper Alignment and Adjustment of the Light Microscope   [PDF]


Fluorescent probes and research products handbook

NIH Image    

Play-by-Play Imaging Rewrites Cells' Rules

Molecular Biology Tools

Ape   a free plasmid editor

 Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Tools

[Gene and protein analysis programs and databases]

Online Analysis Tools

The ExPASy (Expert Protein Analysis System) proteomics server

   oligo melting temperature calculator  

BLAST two sequences

Microarrays genomics and proteomics:

 Protein Families and Domains

 Database of protein and genetic interactions

Protein Phosphorylation database an prediction


A great site with multimedia presentations showing the pathways to cancer.

Methods for Genomics (A great primer written by Malcolm Campbell of Davidson College in North Carolina)

Fun Stuff

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