M9 plates -Leu

M9 Plates  - Leu for E.coli



The following recipe is for one litre of plates.  The salts need to be autoclaved separately from the agar, for this reason prepare the following two mixtures in flasks (make sure one is a 2 litre flask since you are going to combine the mixes after autoclaving):


Mix 1: salt mix in 500ml of water:

Na2HP04                                6g

KH2P04                                  3g

NH4Cl                                     0.5g


Mix 2:  agar:

Agar                                         15g

Water                                       500ml



Autoclave mixes 1 and 2—after autoclaving combine the two mixes and add the following sterile solutions to the mixture:


1M MgSO4                             1ml

1MCaCl2                                 0.1ml

50% Glucose (filter sterilized)    4.0ml

-Leu Drop Out                         0.69g



Pour plates and label appropriately.  1L = ~40 plates