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Our Online Subscription to Molecular Cloning Manual

New people and Volunteers in the Chin-Sang Lab 

4D video microscopy

2X Rapid Ligation Buffer (just scale up to 5X if needed) NEB technical manual  Promega manual 

5X Long PCR Buffer

Antibody Purification using blotted Antigen

Antibody Staining mixed stage and embryos (2 days)   Embryo staining modified by S. Brisbin (up to 4 days)

C. elegans total genomic DNA preparation

Chemiluminescent Detection Recipe aka ECL

Colloidal Coomassie Blue Stain for SDS PAGE gels

Cosmid prep

DiI DiO staining of amphid  neurons and phasmids (Michael Koelle)

E. coli recombination cloning (Gibson Assembly without enzymes)

EMS mutagenesis protocol

Frozen Yeast Competent Cells

How to microinject worms  

Fast mounting of worms on slides

Immunoprecipitation  protocol

Lac Z liquid Assays (Y-PER method)

Lethal phase determination (Michael Koelle's Lab)

M9 plates -Leu for  E. coli

Our Silica based plasmid prep

PCR Fusion approach for reporter constructs (Hobert Lab)

Purification of 6X His Proteins

Recovering Yeast Two Hybrid plasmids from yeast  (non glass bead method)

RNAi Plates

Single Worm PCR 

Super (frozen) Competent E. coli Cells

T-A cloning vectors

TMP/UV integration 

RNA isolation (Trizol method)

X-Gal Yeast Overlay Assay

Yeast Transformation protocol 



C. elegans Protocols online

by Bruce A. Roe, Judy S. Crabtree and Akbar S. Khan

The Science Advisory Board Protocols


New students/volunteers  please review how to make solutions and read over the Chin-Sang lab manual:

How to Make a Solution

Chin-Sang lab  manual 


Using the Axioplan 2 microscope

4D video microscopy

Adjusting the stereomicroscope for parafocality

Proper Alignment and Adjustment of the Light Microscope   [PDF]

Installing an HBO mercury bulb (real video)

Aligning an HBO mercury bulb (real video)

practice Focus and alignment of mercury lamps

GFP SCOPE  "homemade" GFP scope

How to microinject worms

 Nature Methods' Method of the Year 2008 goes to super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

 New users please watch the following videos and ask Ian if you have any question:

Major Components of the Light Microscope

Proper Care and Cleaning of the Microscope

Phase Contrast and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) Microscopy
Victoria Centonze Frohlich

Imaging C. elegans 

 check out Benchfly for more video protocols



C. elegans videos from JOVE :

Application of a C. elegans Dopamine Neuron Degeneration Assay for the Validation of Potential Parkinson's Disease Genes. Laura A. Berkowitz, Shusei Hamamichi, Adam L. Knight, Adam J. Harrington, Guy A. Caldwell, Kim A. Caldwell

Generation of Stable Transgenic C. elegans Using Microinjection
Laura A. Berkowitz, Adam L. Knight, Guy A. Caldwell, Kim A. Caldwell
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alabama.


Paradigms for Pharmacological Characterization of C. elegans Synaptic Transmission Mutants.  Cody Locke, Kalen Berry, Bwarenaba Kautu, Kyle Lee, Kim Caldwell, Guy Caldwell. Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alabama