Welcome! The Kingston Kiteboarding Association advocates for kiteboarding access in the greater Kingston and is a primary resource for participants in our sport, both new and experienced, young and old.

Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer instruction.


Good winds to you all. Now go rip it up!

Kiting at the PUC Dock/Breakwater Park in Kingston?  Here are our local tips for safety and success...


1. Yield to bathers, pedestrians, swimmers, and in-coming kiters. The PUC dock is a shared multi-recreational activity area.

2. Wear appropriate safety gear. Canadian Coast Guard Approved PFDs, helmets & wetsuits/drysuits are recommended for all kiters.

3. Exercise cautious judgment and safe kiting practices at all times. Inspect, set-up and know your equipment and safety systems.

4. Engage locals and lend a hand if and when you are able; come with or find a buddy if you're a first-timer!

5. Communicate your intentions explicitly to parties in the immediate launch area, avoid excessive flying on the PUC dock.

6. Entering & exiting the lake, either fly your kite over the water, or swim it away from the rocks.

7. Promote kiteboarding awesomeness and demonstrate the same respect when visiting other launches and kiting communities.

More Kiting & Safety Resources:

For instruction and equipment queries, please post to the KKA Forum or visit the Kingston - Kiteboarding Kids Facebook page.