Drew Branson wins Geoscience BC Scholarship

Sara Pieczonka wins David Edney Research Travel Award and two more

Callum Walter wins two awards, ...... again

MITACS Accelerate project with Redline Minerals awarded

Frost quake north of Kingston


Oday Dabboor defended his MASc thesis

Malcolm MacDougall and Oday Dabboor received KEGS awards

Calum Walter wins multiple awards and scholarships

Malcolm MacDougall wins prestigeous graduate scholarship by the CSPG

Robin Maedel defended his MASc thesis

MITACS Accelerate Grant with Husky Energy awarded


Katie Irwin defended her MASc thesis

Oday Dabboor wins KEGS Scholarship

NSERC Engage Grant received

Callum Walter receives two prestigious SEG awards

Callum Walter awarded NSERC Graduate Scholarship

Our graduate students win 4 TA awards


Two KEGS Scholarships for group members

Callum Walter awarded Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Katie Irwin awarded Marie Mottashed Graduate Scholarship

Three Group members graduated in Fall 2016

MITACS accelerate awarded for project with Sumac Geomatics, April 2016

Andrew Gagnon-Nandram wins best oral presentation award at AESRC 2016, April 2016


MITACS accelerate awarded for project with Glencore, August 2015

$300,000 awarded by CFI/ORF for Superconducting Gravimeter, August 2015

Zac Sala and Judith Elliott win KEGS Foundation Scholaship, July 2015

Andrew Gagnon-Nandram awarded the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) once more, June 2015

Judith Elliott wins best Student Oral Presentation Award at the CSEG/CSPG Geocconvention in Calgary, June 2015

Kiyavash Parvar wins Silver award from GEM Systems, June 2015

SEG research grant for Kiyavash Parvar, May 2015

AAPG research grant for Judith Elliott, May 2015

Judith Elliott and Kiyavash Parvar win TA awards, Apr 2015

Judith Elliott and Ben Ewasko were members of winning team in AAPG Imperial Oil Barrel Award, Mar 2015


Andrew Gagnon-Nandram wins TA award, Dec 2014


Seafloor Systems EchoBoat arrived!

California based Seafloor Systems has kindly donated an EchoBoat Unmanned Surface Vehicle to our group. It will be integrated with the explorer magnetometer system mentioned below. Feb 2019

Marine Magnetics Explorer arrived!

Toronto based Marine Magnetics has kindly loaned us a Marine Magnometer, the Explorer system, which will be integrated with an autonomous surface vessel (AUV) to arrive soon. The marine magnetometer will be towed by AUV to survey the magnetic field in Canadian Lakes. By surveying the magnetic field closer to the target, compared to alternative airborne surveys, much larger signals can be measured which lead to the detectability of smaller or deeper magnetic targets. MASc student Michtell Wootton will be integrating the sensors with the AUV. Nov 2018

Dirk arrived: Superconducting Gravimeter (iGrav) arrived at Queen's

The superconducting gravimeter named after Dirk Nowitzki (#41) due to its serial number arrived in August and is located in the seismic/gravimeter vault in Miller Hall. The instrument measures variations in gravity at sub-microGal precision, which represents a sensitivity of 1 part per 20 billion. Dirk will be used to monitor earthquakes, Earth tides, normal modes of Earth oscillations while in the lab. It can also be used as a field instrument and will be used to monitor mass changes in reservoirs including SAGD and water pumping applications. Aug 2018

New UAV donation by Sumac Geomatics

Sumac Geomatics has kindly donated a Tarot 960 hexacopter UAV. Mitchell Wooton, a 4th year undergraduate student has assembled it and prepared the heavy-lift UAV for implementation of a GEM Systems GSMP-35U magnetometer, which was loaned to us by GEM Systems. This is the 5th UAV of our fleet, and the 2nd which is able to carry a magnetometer system. 2017

Infrasound sensor acquired

An Infiltec INFRA20 infrasound monitor was acquired. The sensor is to be used in concert with microseismic monitors to separate ground and air signals.

Kestrel 5500 Weather meter acquired

We have acquired a Kestrel weather meter to be used in determining UAV behaviour in diverse wind conditions. Feb 2017

Two new UAVs join our group

Two new UAVs, a Tarot FY680 Hexacopter and XAircraft X650 X8 Octocopter join our fleet. They continue to be employed for UAV Magnetometry and photogrammetry. Oct 2016

Another 2 Honeywell HMR2300 Fluxgate Magnetometers

Two additional magnetometers, Honeywell HMR2300 Fluxgate magnetometer were acquired. This brings the number of HMR2300 magnetometers in out lab to three, allowing us to develop magnetic gradiometry with 2 orthogonal baselines. March, 2016

Honeywell HMR3300 Compass

A 3-component magnetometer was acquired to be integrated into a gradiometer prototype. July 2015. HMR3300 Compass spec sheet at Digikey

Oculus Rift DK2

The lab acquired an Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 virtual reality system. The system was generously sponsored by Kingston Aerials. The system will be used to visualize magnetic, geophysical and geospatial data in a virtual environment as well as in the field. June, 2015

Honeywell HMR2300 Fluxgate Magnetometer

A new magnetometer, the Honeywell HMR2300 Fluxgate magnetometer was acquired. It will be used to map magnetic vector fields from terrestrial and UAV platforms.

ublox PPP GNSS receiver

A new GNSS receiver is available in the lab, a ublox EVK-7 Precise Point Positioning evaluation kit. Its compact size will allow us to operate it on UAVs or GNSS gliders. Sep 2014

Novatel OEM GNSS receiver

SARpoint Engineering generously donated a Novatel OEM GNSS receiver with a GPS-701-GG Single Frequency Pinwheel Antenna. The system will be used for the development of a GNSS glider for water level monitoring. Aug 2014