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Peter T. Boag - Reprint Requests

On-line reprints are available for the following frequently requested papers, which are numbered according to their place in my main list of publications. They are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, and can be read or printed from any computer using the appropriate Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe Sytems. Note that these papers are subject to normal copyright protection. Usually this means you may possess a single copy for personal academic use. Reproduction for other uses, especially for commercial purposes, requires the permission of the original journal publisher and the authors. Hardcopy reprints for these and other papers may be requested by email.

Seutin, G., B.N. White and P.T. BOAG. 1991. Preservation of avian blood and tissue samples for DNA analyses. Canadian Journal of Zoology 69: 82-90.
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Weatherhead, P.J. and P.T. BOAG. 1997. Genetic estimates of lannual and ifetime reproductive success in male red-winged blackbirds. Ecology 78: 884-896.
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