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09/94-present -BIOL-537, Research in Biology (undergraduate, 2-4 students supervised or co-supervised each year)
BIOL-522, Conservation Genetics 
BIOL-202, Introduction to Life, the Organism 
BIOL-830, Evolutionary Genetics
BIOL-202, Introduction to Life, the Organism 
BIOL-930, Coevolution of Parasites and their Hosts 
BIOL-307, Conservation of Biodiversity in Eastern Ontario
BIOL-200, Introduction to Life, the Organism 
BIOL-422, Conservation Biology 
BIOL-307, Introduction to Ornithology / Conservation Biology of Birds 
BIOL-830, Population/Ecological Genetics 
BIOL-439, Advanced Evolutionary Biology
BIOL-323, Vertebrate Diversity & Evolution
BIOL-307/407, Systematic Ichthyology 
BIOL-206, Introductory Evolution
BIOL-206, Introductory Genetics
BIOL-854, Advanced Evolutionary Biology
BIOL-522, Conservation Biology
BIOL-950, Conservation Biology