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Oceanodroma castro

Current Members

Principal Investigator 
Dr. Vicki Friesen

Research Associates
Dr. Tim Birt
Anna Tigano

Becky Taylor


Bronwyn Harkness
Drew Saube
Nate Clark
Brody Crosby

Honours BSc

Katie Birchard
Hanna Driver
Lila Colston-Nepali

Oceanodroma castro

Past Members

Dr. Gabriela Ibarguchi - Phylogeography of South American Seed Snipes
Dr. Theresa Burg - Population differentiation of birds in Haida Gwaii 
Dr. Karen McCoy- Co-evolution of kittiwakes and thier ticks 
Dr. Brad Congdon - Evolutionary genetics and conservation of marbled murrelets

James Andrew Morris-Pocock - Phylogeography of Brown (Sula leucogaster) and Red-Footed Boobies (S. sula)
Scott Anthony Taylor - Speciation with gene flow in Blue-Footed and Peruvian Boobies
Andrea Smith - Evolutionary genetics of storm petrels (Oceanodroma castro
Tammy Steeves - Evolutionary genetics of boobies (Sula spp.)
Martin Damus  - Evolutionary genetics and conservation of murres 
Karen Holder - Evolutionary genetics of rock ptarmigan (Co-supervised with Bob Montgomerie)

Sarah Wallace - Characterizing the population genetic structure of Cassin's auklet
Petra Deane - Evolution of sympatric seasonal populations among colonies of the band-rumped storm petrel
Roger Bull - Population differentiation of birds in the Queen Charlotte Islands
Joseph Brown - Population differentation in North American peregrine falcons 
Anoma Patirana - Evolutionary genetics of kittiwakes
Jeff Moy- Population differentiation and conservation of pigeon guillemots (incomplete) 
Lisa Veit - A test of the source/sink model of migration in cerulean warblers 
Hollie Walsh - Mechanisms of speciation in least and crested auklets (Aethia spp.) 
Gabriela Ibarguchi - Kin groups and genetic structure in thick-billed murres 
Monica Kidd - Population genetic variation in guillemots

Honours BSc 
Dami Ademidun - Period variation in Leach's storm-petrels
Bronwyn Harkness - Period variation in band-rumped storm-petrels
Eric Saulnier - Hemoglobin evolution in the Alcidae
Drew Sauve - Variation in candidate genes associated with migration and aggression in bluebirds
Shima Shakory - Population genomics of razorbills

Ian Burns - Variation in genes related to immunity in thick-billed murres
Danielle Rusheleau - Variation in genes related to immunity in black-legged kittiwakes
Vanessa Hrvatin - Variation in genes related to immunity in herring gulls

Austin Morrin - Clock gene variation in Leach's storm-petrel
Erin Chown - Clock gene variation in the band-rumped storm-petrel
Sarah Wallace - Phylogenetics of the Hydrobatinae 
Kimberley Lemmen - Haida Gwaii as a galcial refugia
Samantha Patterson - Phylogenetics of the Sulidae 
Laura Maclagan - Population genetics of blue-footed boobies 
Petra Deane - Conservation genetics of cerulean warblers 
Anna Baillie - Population differentation in Leach's storm-petrels 
Andre McCracken - Phylogeography of orange-crowned warblers 
Previn Gulavita - Phylogeography of Leach's storm-petrels
Anne MacDonald - Conservation genetics of Xantu's murrelets
Jaclyn Bowen - Phylogeography of gannets 
Chris Lorenz - Conservation genetics of Kittlitz's murrelets
Ryan Germain - Plumage variation and parenting in American red-starts
Katherine Lafranier - Hybridization in sunfish
Daniel MacKinnon - Population differentation in Kittlitz's murrelets
Shawn Garner - Population genetics of African lungfish
Sandeep Girn - Population differentiation in brown creepers
Matthew Atkey - Population differentiation in Leach's storm petrels
Alice Wan - Population differentiation in blue-eyed shags
Joseph Brown - Molecular systematics of parrots
Michael Kim - Population differentiation in red-footed boobies 
Sherri Leung - Hybridization and introgression in murres
Heather McNally - Population differentiation in brown boobies
Sarah Corbett - Population genetics of blue-eyed shags
Nicholas Pacheco - Hybridization and introgression in Brachyamphus murrletes 
Veronica Poland - Population genetics of pigeon buillemots
Emily Croteau - Heterozygosity and disease resistance in tree swallows
Susanne Millard - Morphological variation among cerulean warblers
Rebecca Pearce - Population differentiation in ancient murrelets
Anoma Patirana - Population differentiation in common murres
Jesse Wood - Population differentiation in ancient murrelets
Vinay Lodha - A test of sympatric speciation in Maderian storm-petrels
Hollie Walsh - A phylogenetic analysis of the auklets
Sylva Donaldson - A phylogenetic analysis of Amazon parrots
Shane Doran - Population differentiation in blue-eyed shags