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Molecular Ecology Journal Group - Members & Research Interests

Name Research Interests
Adriana Plant mating system evolution
Costs and benefits of selfing vs outcrossing strategies
Self-incompatibility system
Population genetics
Local adaptation
Plant-pollinator interaction
Anna Ecological genomics
Adaptation to climate change
Whole genome sequencing and resequencing
Candidate genes
RAD sequencing
Becky Speciation
Population differentiation
Seabird genetics
Storm petrels (particularly in genus Oceanodroma)
Next-generation sequencing
Danielle Black-legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla)
Candidate genes
Stress response
Population genetics
Local adaptation
Population genetics/genomics
Evolution of range limits
Alpine plants
Phenotypic plasticity
Gaby Species in harsh environments (molecular evolution and adaptations)
Hemoglobin evolution
Andes: phylo- and biogeography, speciation
Polar biology
Alpine biology
mtDNA under selection
Wildlife forensics
Astrobiology (and Earth analogue environments: bacterial systems included)
Ian Thick-Billed Murres
Stress Response
Clinal Variation
Population Genetics
Candidate Gene Variation - TLR, IAP, HSP, PSAP, MHC, BMA, COX
Meera plant signaling
seabird breeding distributions
phenotypic plasticity
phylogenetic comparative analysis
synergistic selection
Nathaniel Ultraconserved Elements (UCEs)
Local Adaptation (Rapid)
Morphological endemism
Endemic Species/Subspecies
Historical Isolation
Glacial refugia
Population Genetics
Nick Double Digest Restriction Associated DNA (ddRAD) Sequencing
Bayesian Fst outliers approach
divergence modeling
reproductive isolation
Tim All of the above (except that he is interested in parrots and fish as well)
Vanessa genetics of herring gulls
candidate genes related to stress
genetic climate change adaptation
conservation of herring gulls
links between genetic variation and adaptive ability
SNP's (particularly in stress genes)
Vicki All of the above