BIOL 527*

   Winter 2015






John P. Smol Biography

Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change 

Paleoecological Environmental Assessment and Research Lab (PEARL)

Biosciences Complex, Room 4307a

Queen's University

e-mail:  SMOLJ@QueensU.Ca

PEARL web site:


Time and Location

Mondays, Biosciences, Room 3112; 8:30AM 11:30 PM



"Study the past to divine the future"

    Confucius, circa 500 BC



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Course Outline

Course Syllabus


Pollution of Lakes and Rivers Text Book

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Supplementary PowerPoints of the textbook figures


Journal of Paleolimnology


Journal of Phycology


DPER- Book Series

The Holocene

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology

Quaternary Research

Quaternary International

Quaternary Science Reviews

Quaternary Perspectives

Past Global Changes         

 Past Global Changes online resources and images

 Past Global Changes Magazine


NOAA Paleoclimatology Slide Sets


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Readings for Seminars 11 to 15

Reid and Ogden (2006)

Bindler (2006)

Gagan, Ayliffe, Beck, Cole, Druffel, Dunbar and Schrag (2000)

Briffa and Keith (2000)

Raynaud, Barnola, Chappellaz, Blunier, Indermuhle and Stauffer (2000)